In response to “Pope Francis: freedom of expression has limits” by The Guardian

In response to “Pope Francis: freedom of expression has limits” by The Guardian

Pope Francis has recently stated that “There is a limit. Every religion has its dignity…in freedom of expression there are limits.” There are limits to everything, but when you start to put limits on things it gets dangerous. Imagine if we put a ban where nothing but praise may be said about religion. The agendas that people would be able to push since there are so many religions meaning if you see yourself as a figure of a religion, nothing bad would be allowed to be said about you. When you start limiting freedom of speech, you start down the road of censorship. Like David Brooks says of The New York Times, ‘Healthy societies, in other words, don’t suppress speech, but they do grant different standing to different sorts of people.‘ What he is saying if you say lots of nonsensical stuff, then we as a society will put them on a lower societal standing. This is the sort of category that Charlie Hebdo would fall in. It is satirical, so, therefore, we as a society never listened to it with any sort of respect, but only with humor. The Pope is part of ensuring that we put satirical magazines low in societal standings so that it is not taken seriously, but ratifying them as serious is the last we as a society want.

Chapitre 6 Mise en Train

  1. Where did Céline and her friends go for the day? They went to the château de Chenonceau.
  2. How did they get there? Avec un car, et le vélo
  3. How did they find out about the history of the château? They had a guide book.
  4. What did they do at the château? They went around the chateau and then Hector disappeared and he had arranged a guessing game for them, where they had to find notes around the Chateau
  5. What happens at the end of the story? Hector gets stuck by the river.
  1. n’est pas allé au château? Bruno
  2. a visité le château? Virgine, Celine et Hector
  3. a trouvé Chenonceau magnifique? Virgine
  4. a lu le guide du château? Celine
  5. a dit qu’il y a des gens qui disparaissent? Virgine
  6. a disparu? Hector
  7. a cherché Hector partout? Virgine et Celine

Journal entry that reads: Ce week-end, je suis allée … le château de Chenonceau. C’était …! On … les billets à la gare et le car … à 8 heures 10. On … à Chenonceaux à 8 heures 55. On est allés directement louer … . J’ai lu mon guide du château à haute voix, mais Hector n’écoutait pas. Il nous a dit que des gens disparaissent dans les châteaux, mais je ne l’ai pas cru. Après la visite guidée du château, on … qu’Hector n’était plus là! On l’… cherché partout, mais il avait disparu sans laisser de traces! La suite au prochain numéro…



3:a achete

4:Des Velos

5:A cherché

6:a remarque

  1. ask for an opinion?
  2. express enthusiasm? C’etait Magnifique
  3. express disbelief? Sans Blauge, Tu plaisantes

A ton avis, qu’est-ce qui est arrivé à Hector? Qu’est-ce que tu ferais à la place de Céline et de Virginie?

Hector est dans la riviere, dans la fôret. Moi, je vais le quitter dans la riviere.





Okinawa reflection

In which ways has this experience made me grow?

The Okinawa field trip we did this year was an important opportunity for me to grow, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. The field trip was challenging in many types of way. Firstly physically, diving is very physical considering we had to carry tanks and all equipment, then as well having to equalize as you go down. This was more challenging for me considering I had a cold, but since we never went down very far it was ok. Secondly mentally, firstly being aware of the dangers of going down and then going down into the water without panicking. It takes some mental capability, and it’s scary sometimes, but just like learning to walk over the road and checking both times without being scared for your life, if you do it once you learn, which makes you feel mentally stronger. Also, it made me think logically to situations involving diving and other situations. Emotionally this also made me grow. For me, it was ok most of the time, but considering we had to pass 5 tests, it was difficult to not feel nervous but when passed very relieved. It just made me feel stronger emotionally and realized even if things go down I can push through.


So to conclude, physically it made me grow, in strength and fitness, but also how to work in water with lots of stuff on me, but also how to work with compressed air instead of normal air. Mentally I grew so I became mentally stronger, and was able to pull through with just a strong mental mindset. It also made me think more logically in situations where it might not make sense. Emotionally, it made me grow in the fact that I became even more emotionally strong. So it made me grow in every single sense possible physically, mentally and emotionally. Also it was just a very fun experience to be part of and I got to be with good friends and got to know people better, which makes you grow initself. It’s sad thats it over and I wish we had stayed for longer for learning about people grows you as a person and also grows your relationships with people which grows you.  This is how I grew.

Drama journal 8

Key idea: These last two weeks we have mainly been working with realism. We have also because of this learnt about the different parts of realism and how different directors have used realism. Due to this, we have learnt a lot about Stanislavski, the Russian director who pretty much created realism and made it good. He did not invent method acting but method acting is based on his work. This is all very anti-melodramatic and more based on observations. This was the key idea when working with realism.

Approach: To learn about realism we did a couple of different exercises but there was one who stood out the most from all the exercises. This was when we had to sit on a bench and people had to observe us. For the later ones, we would also have other people come and do something, like trying to sit really close to you. This was to learn to believe that the lie that we would act would actually be the truth, therefore actually become the lie that for the character is truth. It is hard  to explain but that is it. This was important to show us the true characters.

Outcome: This exercise truly made us understand how a character is built. I thus because of this, is that there is more to the character than what is in the script. We from this understand that to create a believable character we have to study all aspects of a character not only what is shown. This all comes from observation and how to make it believable. So to make it believable we would have to study aspects such as sitting and how they would react if somebody, for example, was staring at them at a bus stop. This would help us build a believable character and also gives the actors and directors a chance to interpret the character in different experiences. This all helps to sell the lie that is being played out to the audience while performing and helps make a performance more enjoyable.

Connections: Realism is very important when trying to create realistic characters. People are all very different so if your characters seem to blend, when they are not then your characters obviously does not have anything that makes them stand out, whether it is dialogue or physical. Realistically people have smaller quirks and some age groups do this especially more. Realism can, therefore, teach us these quirks through observation. This is obviously applicable in tv shows, movies almost all acted mediums unless it’s supposed to be sort of melo dramatic. These are the connections I can make.

White dresses and cars: The real Mercutio

Mercutio is everywhere and a point of peace. He has been running through the city  making noise, going to parties. He is a popular figure to have at parties most notably going to the Capulet party. Mercutio was awesome (like he always is) and willing to meet and share a picture and discuss cars,Image result for mercutiowhite dresses, girls (a favorite for him surely) gun ranges, the beach and what is actually fun to do in this city.


What is something you do every day that is important?

Cruising, you can never go with cruising in an open car, beats banging. Everybody always turn and look at you like ‘what’s wrong with you, that’s too loud, you are disturbing’ but really a lot of people end up listening with us, sometimes like a convoy.

A convoy of cars just cruising?

Yeah, it’s really epic if you just got the right beats.

Which beats then?

50 Cent, really anything that has simple lyrics with a good beat bang. Like, almost any song that is mainstream with a beat can get you a couple of cars cruising, well depends on days, afternoon on Saturdays is the best time to find some younglings who just got a car,  you teach them cruising and sometimes you get some new beats to cruise to. Cruising is always a win-win.

What was the latest thing you bought on amazon.

White dress, eyeliner, a make-up box filled with just stuff I don’t know the name of or how to use LOL, It’s alright, though, I will just YOLO it, I always do, though. By the way, don’t ask, it is for something special, you might see it soon, though. It’s gonna be completely epic, though.

What’s the best thing to do in the city then?

Man everybody at the beach nowadays, just playing pool with your boys or you know just hanging with the crew. It can be a bit dangerous you know crew on crew (always gotta stand up for you crew you know) but everybody out there though so it is always worth going there with the crew. Also, you can always get something to drink like Saturday is always partied day. Or you can go to the gun ranges, some of my boys, they not as pretty as me, so going shooting some guns can give them confidence LIKE BAM.

Where are they at then?


The Girls!

The good parties, the big ones. Some parties hosted by the bigger families, where there are those, you will always find some girls. Honestly, parties are where your boys get lost or they get saved. Parties are better than medicine sometimes, or that’s how I see it. I mean love, there’s no medicine so parties become the medicine for it. I have had to save some brothers. You know how it is.

All media is focusing on is the violence, have you felt it or?

I mean, there has been instances of violence, like a couple of my friends were attacked by some cowards whilst cruising, I mean when cruising that’s just messed up. Like it got pretty dangerous like the gas station nearly blew up cause those cowards. Then sometimes you like I said, crew on crew at the beach. That can sometimes get pretty messed up. Like people just walking up to the crew, but nothing has happened to me. I mean it is pretty sad and I know of people who have lost their best friends by this war.

Do you think the ‘war’ between  the Montagues and Capulets will end soon?

I hope so but honestly there is only one way to end this war. This boy who calls himself king of cats gotta stop attacking my boys he is the one who is causing people to die. There gotta be peace and he is the one who have to change. He has the responsibility for the gas station. He gotta change otherwise more damage will be done to me, to my boys, to the city, to everyone else, and in the end to himself, it’s not anyone’s but his own fault if he dies.





Tourism highlights

1:  1: France, 2:USA 3:Spain

2: 1:USA, 2:Spain, 3:China

3: The differences can be seen probably because the top 3 arrivals are the most popular places to go too, because of this the prices may have risen for duty-free products. The top 3 recipes would be the countries with the cheapest products to buy. Here since it is cheaper people will be a lot of more willing to buy thing compared to if it was very expensive. Also, some countries have some special cultural/food items that can on;y be bought there, and since everybody wanna buy it will be bought and depending on the popularity the more will be bought.

4: Africa is not very popular but as can be seen the increase in tourism is slowly increasing. In some countries, this change has been more much higher whilst some countries have not been increasing at all and some have almost no tourists.  This is the same for international receipts.

5:In 1950 there were only 25 million tourists worldwide. This has then grown to over a 1 billion tourists worldwide in 74 years.This change has been enormous and quick compared to other things in the world.

6:Not only has technology such as trains, planes increased, but people know more about places and want to go there. People also have started seeing new cultures,foods, history and have become interested in this. With the rise of technology, this has become easier. Also, since more people wanna become tourists business will create low budget airlines etc so more people can become tourists. This means more people can go backpacking etc. So 3 things, better technology, more interest in the countries and also business building to gain more customers.

Evaluation on Takumi and Olle’s boxset

File_000 File_000(2) IMG_0325Our boxset uses many different ways to bring forward the atmosphere, setting, the story and also make it easy for actors to move around. The stage that we chose was a proscenium with a little thrust. This was because we wanted to show that they are almost outside, but still inside. It also resonates with the stage directions given by the author who said that they are close to windows. This way we show that there is a 4th wall and we are looking at the story unfolding whilst not beeing able to help brining forward the horror element of the story. We did not put in much furniture other than the furniture that we needed to have to have according to stage directions. Instead, we did this in a much smaller area to create a sort of enclosed space which helps to add to the horror element.  Though we had this enclosed space we placed furniture in such a way so that the actors will still have an open free space to walk in so that the actors don’t need to squeeze or have a very awkward movement. We also designed the stage in a way that it would represent a  single space by using materials and colors that would fit the setting of a country house.  This is because we want to increase the horror element by creating the feeling of a haunted house. Haunted house is not all houses so we wanted to create a uniquely haunted house.


To create this sort of location we used many different techniques, textures and colours. As can be seen, we used orange for the floor, whilst the walls were a little bit more dark orange. This was to create the false sense that the space was a warm space since warm is usually considered a warm colour. This is the same for the stained glass windows. This helps add to the horror element as we see this warm colour feel happy but when something bad happens it feels even worse than when you are in a bad place. Another thing is that it creates a false sense of calm so when something bad happens again it shocks the audience even more. We used to contrast between these two colors but still somewhat the same to show that this is the same and also make the whole room feel as warm as possible.As can be seen, we also used quite strict lines to make it look symmetrical. This helps add a sense of clastraphobicness to it since it is confined to this lined out space. It also helps the actors now where to move since it is quite clear where the best movement will be.We also used a lot of contrast between the doors in black. This abstract for bad things as black us usually associated with death and bad stuff, and bad stuff comes from this We have a lot of emphasis on the table. Not only is it black, which is not as warm as a colour as orange creating this contrast making it seem like this is the most important part of the stage. It also stands out adding to this point. We also created a sort of mat underneath it using a white piece of texture. This is a contrast from the black table and also the floor. This also is to help emphasize that this is the point on the floor where it will all go down. This really helps emphasize a certain part of the space.

The historical context behind all of this is that larger country houses usually have warmer colours for their floors. It also obviously uses a lot of older type furniture. This is what we tried to bring forward with the furniture. The furniture is very dark to show darker wood which was typically used in these sorts of houses which we show with our doors, table, matt and also the clock. These all help show what time period the play is in. This is important because it will help put the audience in the time period which can help give context to the audience about some parts of the house that may not be present in houses that we have today, like stained glass windows. This helps the audience a lot.

Looking at my floorplan we kept the stage somewhat the same. The difference is that we added a little bit of a thrust, how the chairs are placed and also that the walls are not diagonal in real but are more square. This does not change the stage a lot and therefore does not change stage directions etc.


This is my evaluation of our boxset.

My room is my introversion

I think that my collage accurately represents how my room is, both abstractly and realistically.  To the right of the collage you can see computers and a globe of apps. This represents my desk, where I have all of my computer stuff which I have a lot off. The things there also show how crowded that part of books. I also have lots of books which goes nearly to the top. This is also shown in the collage in the very left where lots of books are placed on each others to represent a bookcase. To the left of the books are two computers and also, a camera , a phone and a gps. This represents all the technology I have in my room. They are also tilted, this represents that it is all messy and you sometimes can not find it. To the left of that you se and intelI7 picture. This represents my third better computer, since I7 is one of the best processors this represents that it is this computer, it is also straight since it represents that is actually tidy. Above this is a very tiny lamp. It is far away from everything. This represents how it is disconnected from everything else in the room. It is also smaller which represents how little light there actually is in the room, since it is mainly a dark room. Below all of this are 4 small signs, a recycle sign, a home sign, a setting and a Wi-fi sign. The wi-fi sign is so low to represent how all the internet in the house comes from the bottom floor. The recycle sign represents how many of the things in the room has been used many times. The home sign represents how this is a place that is truly my own and feel like home. The setting sign shows how you can change how the room behaves with the placement of the furniture.  They are all somewhat tilted and going downwards to represent how they have been damaged over time and how it sometimes does not work. They are all close together to show how they relate to the rooms feel together. Below these is a big speaker. This represents how the wall is very thin so a lot of noise goes through easily so it sounds like there is a big speaker. To the left of all this is a person dunking a basketball. This represents how the ceiling is high. The big skull to the left represents the window. It contradicts most colours since when sunlight comes into the room it changes the colour of the everything. It is also a skull since it makes everything very glaring and it hurts your eyes, therefore the skull. Below is a shoe and to the left is a cow. These both represents my clothes that stand out with its colours from the rest of the room. Above this is an ac which is black. This I show that even though the ac fits it destroys the rooms design. There is a lot of white spots this represents how the room has very blank white walls that are open due to the earthquake rules, this represents how it can give away that it is a room in Japan, because otherwise you might have had more. On the bottom there are pieces if brown/ orange pieces of paper. I used this to show how my floors makes the room stand out and add a bit of uniqueness since this floor makes everything else look lighter. Most things are also tilted how my room is not very tidy is in a weird formation. I also used many of the same colours since this stands out from the room , like my room.  These things that add together to make a more personal space where I can be more introverted. These are the design elements.File_000