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Sevivon Sov Sov Sov – Unit 3 Reflection

I played “Sevivion Sov Sov Sov”, an Israeli folk song. The song is originally played twice although I played it only once. Even though the song is pretty simple the chords were very hard so I doubled the melody instead. Later we were tolled that we need to change our songs. So we made an arrangement. I took out the chords and changed them to double melody and added a drone. The drone was a couple of drum hits and then a hit on a tambourine. I think i did very well on not stoping when i made a mistake. I think i could have improved on my rhythm and I should have also practiced a bit more.

Here it is! I hope you enjoy:

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Drama – Singing in the rain Dance Analysis

props – use of objects to help the story and can be used in the movement, often used in different ways

I think Gene Kelly used his umbrella prop very effectively because the motions he used it for showed us how happy he is. When he swung it around his arm whilst singing it clearly showed how happy he is using the umbrella. Another prop Gene Kelly used was his hat. When he stretched out his hands (1:40) he takes off his hat and smiles at the rain. Gene Kelly used the umbrella and the hat to make a happy mood to the scene.

rhythm – the beat of each movement or step, fast or slow etc.

In some parts of Gene Kelly’s dance that had slow movements and other parts had fast movements. When Gene Kelly walks down the sidewalk, he walks casually like the rain doesn’t bother him. Usually when you walk in rain you walk very fast or even run to get to a dry  place and never dawdle like him. That shows that he dosen’t care about him getting wet because he is so joyful.

expression – the way feeling is shown through the body (face, gesture, posture)

During this scene  Gene Kelly had almost always a smile on his face, and him body posture while moving was open, cheerful and relaxed, despite the rain. When he jumped on the street lamp and smiled (1:32) he raised his eye brows and smiled which showed really effectively how happy he is.

moving through space – using area, level, balance, pattern, pace, repetition and style (jerky or smooth?)

During the dance Gene Kelly uses a lot of different space and levels. He jumped on a street lantern and also spins around an entire street with his umbrella (3:23). He uses big space to show that he is joyful and dosen’t care what other people think about him as he dances. A part that really shows this is when he danced on the road with his umbrella. It is quite dangerous and cars could have driven over him but that shows the he is so cheerful that he dosen’t care. His dance is very majestic with rapid smooth movements to express his happy feeling.

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Movie Camera Shots

This week we started a new unit in English class. In this unit we are going to do a film study on an Indiana Jones film called “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

At class we discussed about the effects of different film shots. After the discussion we went up to the roof and took some camera shots that we talked about. I learned from that task many kind of shots and how you film them.

Here are 3 examples of different kinds of shots we took:

This is a bird’s eye view shot. This shot is usually used to show how big or empty things are.

This is an over the shoulder shot. These shots are often used in conversations or when people are walking.

This is an point of view shot. It shows what the person is seeing and it is usually used for dramatic scenes.

I am looking for watching the movie and analyzing it.

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National Museum Reflection


On April 23, all grade 6 went to Unno zoo and to the Tokyo National Museum. I have never been in a museum like that before. I expected to see just a big room of things but it was completely different.

One of the items I looked at were the “Eye Idols”. It excavated at Tell Brak, a Misipotenian civilisation at Syria at the second half of the 4th millennium BC. The eye idols are usually made out of stone. Tell Brak is the largest ancient site in north-eastern Syria and one of the most important early urban centres of northern Mesopotamia.

The Eye Idols were very interesting because they looked like real eyes even if simple ones. I chose to describe this item because it was simple but interesting and wasn’t crowded to look at. This item was founded in Japan and most likely came there through the silk road.

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My HTML Tutorial

Here is my final tutorial. It was very hard to make and took a lot of effort. Please fill out this form. I hope you enjoy!

Teacher’s of the Future – Create Reflection

In the past month or two I have completed our tutorials in Technology class. I did my tutorial about HTML codes and how to use it to make a friend list. I think making a tutorial is really fun but very challenging, and it was the first tutorial I have ever made. Making my tutorial was way more difficult then I thought it would be but when editing it I saw how it gets better and better was really fun and exiting.

Some connections I can make between the progress I’ve made throughout this unit and our class criteria of what makes a good tutorial is that before we looked at why a storyboard is needed to make a good tutorial I thought that people just think of it on the spot and do it. But now after learning and doing my own storyboard I noticed how helpful and necessary it is if you want to make your tutorial good. It is necessary because without a plan or a base to your tutorial you will just drift off topic, waste time and be very unorganized which is very not good. Another thing I thought was unnecessary before this unit was strategies – Advice for the viewers that should help them do  what the tutorial is showing. In Freddie’s tutorial, he had a small tip about stretching before breakdancing. I think that was really good because many people don’t stretch before doing any kind of sport of movement and even if they do they never take it seriously. I didn’t really think that advices were really needed in a tutorial and that were useful but now I think that if you are a beginner and many people who watch tutorials are, then any advice could be very useful and helpful to do it right from the beginning.

A new idea I got about tutorials that extended my thinking was from watching Mark’s tutorial, in which started with a question as a title. I think that is very effective because it hooks the viewers in and makes them interested what he is gonna say next which makes them go on and watch the whole tutorial. I had never thought that starting with a question would be so effective as it effected me too. The last tutorial I watched was Aner’s. His tutorial made me think that you can learn a whole language using tutorials. Maybe in the future there will be no language teachers you will just sit in class and watch tutorials and do worksheets.

A part of making this tutorial that I still found challenging is to put the transitions and music just in the right place. I played around with them for about 30 – 50 minutes until I found the place I like them to be at. I still wonder how people make custom backgrounds for the endings and how they put more then 1 picture in picture frame at the same time.

This unit was a lot of fun and was really interesting  I think making my own tutorial was very challenging but rewarding. The best part of this unit in my opinion was to create the tutorial although planning it was very exiting. I think next we are going to work on designing.

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Fitness part 2 – What do I want to Improve Apon

I need to improve my cardio vascular endurance, muscular strength, and my muscular endurance.

I want to improve my cardio vascular endurance because when i play soccer I can’t run around too long and i get tiered very quickly so I want to improve that.

I want to improve my muscular endurance because for any sport i am going to play i need to use my mussels for a very long period of time and right now I am a bit struggling to do that.

I want to improve my muscular strength because as a tennis player I am hitting the ball too soft and I want to improve that and I want to be able to carry heavier things for my ordinary life.

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See, Think, Wonder


  This image is called “Depersonalization” and was taken by Ruslіk

In English class we were given a picture without any description or knowledge about it and have been asked to say what we see, think and wonder and make a headline. Then after we did that we got the homework of finding our own picture and it should be random and do the same.

I see – statues of men in different colors. one statue is cut into couple different colors. I can see a bit of the legs of one of the statues just behind the statue with the different colors.

I think – of the different skin colors people have, and how we as a school from different countries all accept each other as the same.

I wonder – where this picture was taken and what is really the purpose of these statues. I also wonder why are they all in different colors and why some have more than 1 color than other don’t.

Headline – Mysterious men, different colors.

Comment below ↓ what YOU see think and wonder and maybe even give your own headline! Just don’t forget to share!

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Traditional Folk Music

traditional folk music means that it is well known in the country. It also reflects traditions and customs, it is passed on through generations. And it is also not too new and it is ballad; it tells a story.

Here is an example of an Israeli folk song:

The lyrics talk about when the first people who started building israel from scratch. The instruments in the original song are piano and guitar but there are many versions of that song with orchestras.

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Why are Rhythms Important in Music + My Call and Response song

Why is rhythm important in music?

Rhythms are important in music because without rhythms you can’t make any songs. It is also important because if there was no rhythm every song will sound almost the same and have the same tempo. eg. if you sing: “la, la la.” it is with rhythm and if you sing the same thing without rhythm it sounds like this: “la la la”. So this is some examples from lots more why rhythm is important im music.

Here is the song!!!

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Tutorial Plan Reflection

In the past month or two in technology class, we have been working on the plan for our tutorials. Just a reminder HERE is the investigate that we have done before. In this unit we have made a “storyboard” and a “timeline plan“. The storyboard is a rough plan using images. I used screenshots from my practice presentation to help me. In the timeline plan we organized the things we need to do until when we have to do them. For example, I need to memorize all the HTML codes I am using. 

My plan met the class criteria according to my peer, Erik. For example he said that my plan reached the “Title”, “In order” and the “language”. Later he tolled me that he chose the “title” criteria because my title was very clear and described my tutorial nicely. Then he tolled me that he chose the “in order  criteria because my story board was perfectly in order and made sense. Lastly he tolled me that he chose the “language” criteria because it was simple and clear to understand.

I think the originality, clearness and simplicity of my tutorial makes it a good one. I know that the viewer will learn from my tutorial what i am trying to teach because I am explaining it very clearly and slowly. I am also going to revise the codes after each one and all of them at the end.

I think i still need to learn how to zoom into one place like one webpage from the hole computer. I think i also need to learn how to make the static sound all around the video disappear.

In conclusion planning my tutorial has been fun and I have learnt a lot about planning (Storyboard, Timeline Plan) and I’m now convinced that planning makes making the tutorial way easier.  before I thought that to make a tutorial you just do it and you dont need to plan or anything. But now I know that to make a good tutorial you should make a storyboard and practice a lot before even starting to record!

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