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Archive for February, 2013

Drama Speech Reflection

• February 21, 2013

In Drama, at the last few weeks we have made a 1 minute speech about a chosen topic. I chose the topic “Computers” and looked at the history of programable devises. I also looked at the future and at some experimental computers like a quantum computer which will be a great achievement to make it work. Here is the […]

PE – The First Chapter

• February 20, 2013

In PE I think I have done well and cooperated with my class mates. In the fitness unit i think I have done well but then I needed some improvement on my listening skills but over the whole first chapter I think i have improved it and now I can listen better without the teacher warns me. In […]

Greek and Roman Gods

• February 12, 2013

In English class we started looking at Greek and Roman gods. In this task we were asked to research on 3 gods that we want to learn more about and write their names both greek and roman name, what they are gods of and what are their special skills or powers. I chose the godess […]

My Sakura Medal Podcast Reviewing “The False Prince”

• February 7, 2013

In the past few weeks in English we have all chosen a Sakura medal book to read then made a podcast about it. Sakura medal books are books that are nominated for the Sakura Medal award and you can find them all HERE. I have chosen the book “The False Prince” by Jennifer A. Nielsen. The […]

Tutorial Investigate Reflection

• February 1, 2013

In this unit we are making our own tutorials. before we looked at making our own blogs. For the first part of our unit we have searched on youtube for tutorials about subjects that we like. I chose HTML code. After we chose the topic we looked at 3-5 tutorials and  made a tutorial research […]

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