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Tutorial Investigate Reflection

In this unit we are making our own tutorials. before we looked at making our own blogs. For the first part of our unit we have searched on youtube for tutorials about subjects that we like. I chose HTML code. After we chose the topic we looked at 3-5 tutorials and  made a tutorial research document. In that document we commented on what we learned for the tutorial, what was good about that tutorial and what could be improved.

After we made the tutorial we have made a “My Favorite Tutorial” blog post. After we made it we had to comment on 2 or more other people’s blogs. I chose to comment on George’s blog, Aiden’s blog and Aitor’s blog. From viewing George’s favorite tutorial I have learned how to make a simple but tasty chicken sandwich. From Aiden’s favorite tutorial I have learned that to show tricks you have to zoom the camera and do it in slow motion so it would be easier to learn from the tricks. From Aitor’s favorite tutorial i learned that it really helps if you do it clearly step by step and show examples.

I learned from this unit that to make a good and helpful tutorial you need to do it step by step without any distractions  have a clear and loud voice etc… Also I learned what variables you need to make a good and understandable tutorial. I also learned how to make a good tasty but simple chicken sandwich 😀

One of the biggest differences between my tutorial and my favorite tutorial is that mine is a slideshow and his is a video. another difference is that i have explained about a different thing than him. But the similarities are that we both explain step by step, we are both using very clear words and descriptions to explain our topic. Now i need to learn how to speak clearly, slowly and loudly.

~ by Idan on February 1, 2013 .

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  1.   Kim Cofino Says:

    Great job Idan! You really explain the key parts of making a great tutorial that you learned about in the Investigate! I’m glad that you feel confident about most of the skills, and that you know what you need to focus on next. This will help you determine what you need to spend the most time on in the planning stage. Well done!


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