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National Museum Reflection


On April 23, all grade 6 went to Unno zoo and to the Tokyo National Museum. I have never been in a museum like that before. I expected to see just a big room of things but it was completely different.

One of the items I looked at were the “Eye Idols”. It excavated at Tell Brak, a Misipotenian civilisation at Syria at the second half of the 4th millennium BC. The eye idols are usually made out of stone. Tell Brak is the largest ancient site in north-eastern Syria and one of the most important early urban centres of northern Mesopotamia.

The Eye Idols were very interesting because they looked like real eyes even if simple ones. I chose to describe this item because it was simple but interesting and wasn’t crowded to look at. This item was founded in Japan and most likely came there through the silk road.

~ by Idan on May 7, 2013 .

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