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National Museum Reflection

• May 7, 2013

  On April 23, all grade 6 went to Unno zoo and to the Tokyo National Museum. I have never been in a museum like that before. I expected to see just a big room of things but it was completely different. One of the items I looked at were the “Eye Idols”. It excavated at Tell Brak, a […]

Minecraft Biomes

• January 25, 2013

I have chosen the biome taiga. Taiga is a snowy biome at winter and has a lot of pine trees. The climate is very cold and has long winters and short summers. This is a special biome because there are a lot of special animals and trees and it’s called but not very very called. In the […]

Early Humans Talk Show

• October 9, 2012

  Reflection: I think I talked pretty clear and loud and my information was good. I was explaining about homo habelist and look at a couple of websites to get the information. It was pretty hard to write the script but it was easy to find the information. I could have talked louder but I had a bit of a cold […]

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