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Sevivon Sov Sov Sov – Unit 3 Reflection

• June 6, 2013

I played “Sevivion Sov Sov Sov”, an Israeli folk song. The song is originally played twice although I played it only once. Even though the song is pretty simple the chords were very hard so I doubled the melody instead. Later we were tolled that we need to change our songs. So we made an arrangement. I took out the chords and […]

Traditional Folk Music

• April 15, 2013

traditional folk music means that it is well known in the country. It also reflects traditions and customs, it is passed on through generations. And it is also not too new and it is ballad; it tells a story. Here is an example of an Israeli folk song: The lyrics talk about when the first people […]

Why are Rhythms Important in Music + My Call and Response song

• March 21, 2013

Why is rhythm important in music? Rhythms are important in music because without rhythms you can’t make any songs. It is also important because if there was no rhythm every song will sound almost the same and have the same tempo. eg. if you sing: “la, la la.” it is with rhythm and if you sing the same thing […]

Für Elise Video Reflection

• January 16, 2013

This is me playing Für Elise. I think i have done well but not perfect. I could have improved by being more accurate and by practicing more because i am not used to play on a grand piano im used to play on a electric piano. I think i have looked good although i forgot at the start that i have […]

Unit 1 Music Reflection

• November 18, 2012

In the last couple of weeks in music we have been working on this project. The project was to recored our self playing a song that we chose at the start of the school year. I chose the song “Für Elise” altho I only played the first part of the song. I chose this song because I […]

Fur Elise Recording

• November 14, 2012

Fur elise recording This is me playing fur elise on the piano.

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