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Drama Speeches Overview

Chosen Topic speech:

6A Drama: 1 Min Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In this speech I think my volume was nice and loud. I also think my projection and pitch were just right. My pace was a bit too fast and I paused some times so I can improve about that. I also think my emphasis and inflection were good.

Given Topic speech:

6A Drama: Given Topic Speech from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In this speech I think I was louder and clearer then the other.  I also think my projection and peach were just right. Here my pace was a bit too slow because i wanted to get to 2 minutes and also i was a bit nervous to talk again in front of the class.  I also think my emphasis and inflection were good. I think I used palm cards properly as i almost never looked down and if i did just for a slight second.

I think my best speech was the given topic speech because I was more ready and i got feedback from other people on the last speech so I knew what to change and how to make it better. I still think i should improve on my pace because in the chosen speech i was talking too fast on the other hand, I was speaking too slowly and paused so often in the given topic speech.

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Drama Speech Reflection

In Drama, at the last few weeks we have made a 1 minute speech about a chosen topic. I chose the topic “Computers” and looked at the history of programable devises. I also looked at the future and at some experimental computers like a quantum computer which will be a great achievement to make it work.

Here is the video that my teacher has recorded:

6A Drama: 1 Min Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I think my volume was nice and loud. I also think my projection and peach were just right. My pase was a bit too fast and I paused some times so I can improve about that. I also think my emphasis and inflection were good.

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PE – The First Chapter

In PE I think I have done well and cooperated with my class mates. In the fitness unit i think I have done well but then I needed some improvement on my listening skills but over the whole first chapter I think i have improved it and now I can listen better without the teacher warns me. In the Cross Country unit i have improved in my running and my cardio vascular endurance. In the soccer unit I have practiced my soccer skills and improved a lot with the kicking, passing and blocking! After that we have played volleyball and i came from not knowing how to hit the ball over the net and the class serving then failing to 5-7 times over the net almost in each on and very good serves which hit exactly between people!

I think i have improved a lot in PE from the start of the year and had lots of fun 😀

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Greek and Roman Gods

In English class we started looking at Greek and Roman gods. In this task we were asked to research on 3 gods that we want to learn more about and write their names both greek and roman name, what they are gods of and what are their special skills or powers. I chose the godess Artemis, the god Hephaestus and the god Hermes.

Artemis / Артемида

The first god I will look it is the hunting and the moon godess who is called in the greek mythology Artemis and in the Roman mythology is called Diana. One of her best skills are hunting and she is also an imortal who is not interested in man.


Alexander the Great according to Euphranor






The second god I am looking at is the god of blacksmiths, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, metals, metallurgy, fire and volcanoes who is called in the greek mythology Hephaestus and in the roman mythology is called Vulcan. His special skills are Blacksmithing he made all the weapons for all the other gods.




The third god I am looking at is the god of transitions and boundaries Hermes. I couldn’t find a roman equivalent for him. His special skills are that he has a special pair of boots witch alows him to fly.

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My Sakura Medal Podcast Reviewing “The False Prince”

In the past few weeks in English we have all chosen a Sakura medal book to read then made a podcast about it. Sakura medal books are books that are nominated for the Sakura Medal award and you can find them all HERE. I have chosen the book “The False Prince” by Jennifer A. Nielsen. The intro and outro music is by Saya and Susanna. So now for the podcast!:

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Tutorial Investigate Reflection

In this unit we are making our own tutorials. before we looked at making our own blogs. For the first part of our unit we have searched on youtube for tutorials about subjects that we like. I chose HTML code. After we chose the topic we looked at 3-5 tutorials and  made a tutorial research document. In that document we commented on what we learned for the tutorial, what was good about that tutorial and what could be improved.

After we made the tutorial we have made a “My Favorite Tutorial” blog post. After we made it we had to comment on 2 or more other people’s blogs. I chose to comment on George’s blog, Aiden’s blog and Aitor’s blog. From viewing George’s favorite tutorial I have learned how to make a simple but tasty chicken sandwich. From Aiden’s favorite tutorial I have learned that to show tricks you have to zoom the camera and do it in slow motion so it would be easier to learn from the tricks. From Aitor’s favorite tutorial i learned that it really helps if you do it clearly step by step and show examples.

I learned from this unit that to make a good and helpful tutorial you need to do it step by step without any distractions  have a clear and loud voice etc… Also I learned what variables you need to make a good and understandable tutorial. I also learned how to make a good tasty but simple chicken sandwich 😀

One of the biggest differences between my tutorial and my favorite tutorial is that mine is a slideshow and his is a video. another difference is that i have explained about a different thing than him. But the similarities are that we both explain step by step, we are both using very clear words and descriptions to explain our topic. Now i need to learn how to speak clearly, slowly and loudly.

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Minecraft Biomes

I have chosen the biome taiga. Taiga is a snowy biome at winter and has a lot of pine trees. The climate is very cold and has long winters and short summers. This is a special biome because there are a lot of special animals and trees and it’s called but not very very called. In the taiga there are a lot of pine trees. Pine trees adapted to live in taigas by instead of round leaves they have needles to survive from freezing. also there are bears, foxes eagles and more beautiful and interesting animals who adapted by having thick fur. Taiga is found in parts of Russia, Scandinavia, Canada and Alaska. taigan people use wood and there is wood everywhere. They make a steep roof so the snow will fall from the roof. they make small houses so it is easier to heat.

I felt very exited, happy but focused to use minecraft to model the structure. I think the collaboration of my structure has gone very well. I would want to use minecraft in connection to other projects in the futere because it is very easy and you can make a 3D structure for school and have fun at the same time :D!!!

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January Goal Settings

What important things happened in your personal life or school life in the last year?

I have done an exhibition about MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games). I got a macbook pro from the school to work on and take home (not owned).

What was good or special about it?

I learned about my passion.

How did you grow or change?

I got taller and smarter.

How did your life change?

It got harder and more complicated.

Did you learn anything or decide anything that was really important?

I chose to do in the exhibition about MMORPG.

My first goal for this year is to get better in english. This goal is important to me because I want to get better in english so in the future it will help me and i could understand in school everything the teachers and my friends say. The benefits of achieving this goal are… that I will be able to understand and read harder books for teens. I would like to achieve this goal by… reading more english books and try to concentrate more in english class.

My second goal for this year is to reach level 30 on LOL (League of Legends). This goal is important to me because… I like the game League of Legends and i play it a lot and level 30 is the highest level. The benefits of achieving this goal are… I will be able to play ranked (against better people) and a lot more. I would like to achieve this goal by… Playing a lot and playing with my friends.

My third goal for this year is to get better in soccer. This goal is important to me because… The benefits of achieving this goal are…  I like soccer. That i will play outside more. I would like to achieve this goal by… Practicing soccer.

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Für Elise Video Reflection

This is me playing Für Elise. I think i have done well but not perfect. I could have improved by being more accurate and by practicing more because i am not used to play on a grand piano im used to play on a electric piano. I think i have looked good although i forgot at the start that i have to introduce my self and say what song i am playing because i was so concentrated on starting using the right keys that i forgot XD. while playing the song i sometimes missed pressed a key or haven’t pressed hard enough. This was hard for me because as i said i am not used to play a grand piano.

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My Favorite Tutorials

I learned from this tutorial i have learned what HTML stands for (Hyper Text Markup Language). I have also learned that “tags” (<something here>) are what make up HTML. He taught me all of these by showing everything he said and talked slowly and clearly. This is a good tutorial because he has talked loudly and clearly, explained what HTML stands for (none of the other tutorials i watched did), he showed everything he said and describes where the keys are on your keyboard. The only thing he could improved on is to interduce the topic at the beginning  because it was a little confusing at the start.

 I have learned that the tag “<h1>” make the font big and bold, and I also learned that there are 6 types of the tag “<h1>” and the higher the number gets by the “h” the font gets smaller. This is a good tutorial because he wrote everything in a big font and walking us through with explanations and he have overviewed what he taught us. He could have improved by practicing a little more before recording because he some time forgot what he wanted to say.

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