GCD: Community Engagement (Mental and Emotional Health Club)

In October, MEHC as a group wanted to participate in event STICH to promote emotional and mental health awareness. Our primary goal was presenting personal stories from members of our community that cover struggles students have or are still facing. As a group, we asked members from our community to share any story they felt they could share. Students had the opportunity to share any experience they have overcome or are still in the process of overcoming. About the event, as a group, we decided the option of perhaps reading the stories to the audience would have been more significant since members of our community would necessarily be able to witness and comprehend another individual’s struggles. By hearing the stories, this could potentially make the audience relate to some of the stories presented. Also, we took inspiration from Youtube videos where individuals are asked to read strangers “darkest secrets” (Cut). With this said, individuals who are struggling or have struggled in their past can find a safe place where they can share their personal story talking about the struggles they were able to overcome or the struggles they are still facing. In this activity, we were split into three groups. I took part in the group that decided what stories were going to be presented for the public. I had the opportunity to read different stories. I decided to take part in that group to understand different circumstances individuals from my community go through. I can say that reading the stories was very difficult. Being able to recognize different circumstances students from my school have faced was hard to believe. However, I had to keep in mind the purpose of this activity;  students talking about struggles they have faced and are still overcoming. Having the opportunity to read some of the stories students have faced made me realize the importance of talking about a topic that is even considered taboo in my community.

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