GCD: Global Perspective

Throughout my life, I’ve had the privilege of moving between 6 countries. The first, where I only lived for 2 years is Ecuador. This country is my birthplace and where most of my family resides. Although I was born in Ecuador, I’ve struggled all my life to call my birthplace home. The second is Colombia. This is where I lived most of my childhood (kindergarten to the beginning of primary school).  The third is Brazil, where I was exposed to a new language and culture. All the memories I can recall when living in Brazil are fun and always make me smile. I will always be thankful for having the opportunity of learning a new language, Portuguese. Thinking back, I remember learning the language was not that difficult since my mother tongue is Spanish; both languages come from the same language family (Romance) meaning that they have similar words and pronunciations. The forth country was Venezuela. This was the first time I was aware of and concerned about the socio, political, economic issues the country faced (still faces). Also, it was the first time I attended an international school. Most of my primary education was in a German school or Swiss School. However, in 5th grade, it was the first time I attended an international school. The exposure to new and different cultures was exciting but also intimidating. This change was challenging and dramatic, and once again, I had to learn a new language, English. I felt intimated and scared because all my life I been taught, German. Speaking English was a requirement for attending school, and I had to learn English just to be able to understand what I was taught in my classes.

Moreover, over the course of 8 months, I learned English. Although I was hard, I will always be thankful for having the opportunity to learn English since it was helped my communication skills in further movings; Mexico and Japan. The fifth country is Mexico. So far, Mexico has been my favorite country! Being able to attend an international school (however, most students were Mexicans) made me fall in love with the culture and country. Before entering the new school, English was a requirement, and I felt accomplished since I had the opportunity of learning English in Venezuela. This gave me the advantage in being able to apply to different schools and also enhance my language communication.

Furthermore, in 11th grade, I moved to Japan. Out of all the countries I’ve lived in, this was the first time I had felt exposed to so many different cultures. The public transport in Japan has given me more independence and control over my life since I am able to do it for myself.



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