GCD: Global Perspective (Vainilla Community)

During October 2015, myself and my grade traveled to Mazunte, Mexico. Before flying, we collected suitcases that were filled with toys, clothing, and gifts to donate them to the kids in the Vainilla Community. We spend 3 days of our five-day trip helping to paint the school murals, cleaning the school and repairing damaged ceilings. The other days of our trip we spend a lot of our time visiting museums (The Mexican Turtle Center), engaging with the culture surrounding us; trying different foods, respecting the various communities and locals around us and exploring the Mazunte beaches. Moreover, returning to Mexico City made me realize again how privileged I am. The Mazuente trip made me realize how insignificant my school problems were in comparison to the kids from the Vainilla School Community. For my peers and myself; having school materials such as notebooks, pens, school bags and more was not seen as a luxury but rather a priority. At the Vainilla School, due to lack of financial assets, children were not able to purchase school materials. I had not appreciated how accessible these supplies were for me. I remember walking around the Vainilla School and noticing the frail roofs from the classrooms. Never had I noticed how secure the ceilings and walls from my school were in comparison to theirs. The Vainilla School teachers told us the ceilings had to be continuously replaced due to constant immense rainfall. Myself and my grade repaired parts damaged ceilings, to the kids in the school to have a safe environment to learn. Furthermore, having this experience made me appreciate more the small things I had access to at school; such as school supplies and proper quality installations at school, which I had taken advantage of before this experience. The trip to Mazunte essentially grew my global understanding of the world around me and made me more appreciative of the priveledges I still have.


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