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Technology – Criteria E Reflection of digital story

Hi, everyone it’s almost end of semester one and end of year, in semester one in technology class we have been working on digital story telling. As you could see m video down here, it is tutorial and few people did tutorial but other people did story telling. (-_-) Back to the point we created our own story / tutorial. We have this guide line / design cycle that help us make the video. First we have investigation in investigation we did looked at couple, different videos and find what makes good digital story and what does the video have common. Our teacher said we can’t use Imovie which is really good, so we find different tools that we can make videos with and free. In the second step called Design where we brain storm topics and really studied what makes  good video, and out of the tool which tools should we use to create our video. In third where we plan about our topics and choose where to get the resources like music and sound effects. We created timelines, timeline is like a schedules helps us to create our video so we can finish the video in time. Will we had some extensions. We also created story board to make our plan clear and simple so we don’t make a mistake orders. Then the next step I think you can guess create yes, finally after spending 45 hours of investigation and planning. Creating videos where a hard but my plan helped my . Last evaluation where we write our reflection. This is the current step we are doing.

I think my digital story was good but, it didn’t included the sources where I got the, definition of stopmotion this was hard to find because there are many sites saying same definition or different definition. Getting feedback from people was hard, we were supposed to  get feedbacks  during 2 period but it got cancelled so we got to do the feedback session on different day and we only had 1 pried that was kind of short, and I also had computer problems so I went t5o tech office and when I came back, there was only 5 min to get our feedback so I couldn’t get any and during the weekends I wanted to get some feedbacks but no one was looking my video so, I couldn’t get feedbacks and couldn’t change anything. But at least I got some small feedbacks, but I couldn’t change anything. So it was kind of hard for me to get feedbacks.  But on my peer assessment it really helped me, and changed my video so it got really got except for the credits but I couldn’t change that much there was another problem, my memory was full so some of the parts have to be cut off but the length were good it was 6min will not good length, but I included three people to make more funny and some people didn’t noticed the third person.  Another thing I added to the video was good quality in the video there was two screen recording, first it was really bad quality and hard to see. 

Design cycle


This is the design cycle and this was my reflection in investigation. During this investigation process I learned the pattern between 3 video’s and learned different softwares like photopeach, garageband and their features and their limitations. The elements of stories are important because if their wasn’t any elements like music voice it will be a slide show. I think I shared ideas with my teams and made great poster for the social media and I think I was behaving good in class. I really think I did will in investigation.

Design & plan

Next step we did was design in design the hardest thing was choosing the topic it was hard for me because I was choosing between 3 different topics one of them was Stopmotion and second one is my hobbies golf  and draw my life. I really wanted to do draw my life because I travelled many places and I wanted to share my experiences. But golf was hard to share the experience because no one in my class doesn’t know the rules and the sports, I think many people think it is a boring sports but, I wanted to change that image but, I decided not to. But I choose stop motion because stop motion is  also in my hobbies. I like to make stop motion and I made two stop motion in 5th grade. which was really successful. I didn’t really follow my time line which is ok but, now I think I should have followed the time line because I finished my video in 1 day thats 4 days before the due date. Story board was really hard. You have to make 15 different senses and I put lots of different senses that made my video longer than I thought. But I did good on desing and plan.

 create  in this step it was easy to create but, like I said I didn’t follow my time line so I have to finish the video in one day but the story board that I created helped my a lot. But I also enjoyed making the video, because when I was making the video I made few changes that really makes people laugh.  The last step evaluation I think this is a good reflection its clear to understand and really tells what I was thinking during these process.

How can we use media to communicate our story?

Our unit question was “How can we use media to communicate our story?  Will there are many sites that we use to share our story and videos also we share musics and other things to share story.  There are many sites and software to share our story to world wide internet. There are many ways to tell a story to world by writing the story and publishing to the world and by making a digital story and post it to media like, youtube and voicethread etc. Many people uses the internet media to share their own story because they are easy and free to publish in some websites. But publishing is hard it takes more times to go thought the process, also you have to pay money to read the story. In the end there are many ways to share our stories and many media to share our own story, also some people tells their story by radio (podcasts).  


My stop motion digital story

Oral presentation

In this unit we have looked at many values and discussed with class, and we presented, our most important values to the class. I talked about being honest, I only could do one values, because the example was too long.

I think the purpose of this presentation, is for preparing, to be not shy during the presentation. I think it also could be an practice of speech. In this presentation, it was kind of hard to memorise the lines and present front of everyone and I was presenting last so, there was some pressure, on me. I think if we continue doing these kind of activities then I would get better at speech.

In the speech I failed once and tried again 20 min later but I still needed to stop using my hand (body language) too much, and sometimes I forgot what I have to say so it was kind, of bad.


7 Math Pythagorean themorem

What I learned in math is Pythagorean  always works in right angle here is the screen shot from my GeoGbra graph. It works with other shapes like pentagon. GeoGbra is really hard to use sometimes if you click on the wrong line or wrong place it messes up. But once you create more than 3 times it gets easier. The pythangorean theorem works on more than 2 sides like 3 or 4 or more.















Drama Reflection

In our class we were presenting mime, we were in groups of 3. We had Charlie and Jb. We did object vs human and human vs human creating lots of conflicts. The location was at airplane going to France.

I think it was successful because we used lots of space and we were using some facial expressions and body language. We used almost whole space by, moving into plane and having conflicts and changing seats. This story that we presented is using all people, and by having many conflicts we connect. I think it is believable because when I rock my chair I did really slowly and when its going up I did fast, so I was same as the airplane seat. Also we shared same props and did offer and accept so it looks more realistic. I think the length was good it was between 2 to 3 min.

7C Drama: Group Mime (2013) from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Drama Analysing Silent clip

In this blogpost I will talk about two different characters body language, and identify the major Action/Gestures and facial expressions.






Venn diagram


Our current unit question: Where does our values come from? First what does values mean? Will maybe some people think about values like one, ten, hundred… But it’s the other meaning , like principles or standards of behaviour one’s judgement of what is important in life. So basically it means experience, where does our experience come from?  Will we get experience mainly by school, your parents and your friends.

So in class we all made an wordle link is down so here is the picture that i made as you can see in the picture I wrote different words like, principle,honest,positive,respecting,helpful,values,manners and friendship.

also here is the link that’s related to values

My EAL Goals 2013~2014

For EAL class my goal is to improve on my grammar and more accurate spelling.

Time Place Space

This is what we did in our humanity class, we made poster of Time, place and space we put the meanings and how we use it.

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