YIS Fitness Testing

I think we should test our fitness to know what we are good at and what we need to work on. Also, we can set goals to improve our weakness.

For the sit-up test, I got 24 sit-ups in one minute.

For the flexibility test, I got 43 centimeters.

For the jumping test, I got 34 centimeters.

For the burpee test, I got 28 burpees.

For the push-up test, I got 35 push-ups in one minute.

My height was 157cm.

My BMI was underweight.


Cooper Test for Cardio vascular (P.E.)

We went to a park for a cooper test for cardio vascular. We ran many laps as we can. I ran 10.5 laps. 1 lap was 200m so the distance I ran was 2100m. I was really tired from the 8th lap. I thought I did a good job because I didn’t really walk and I didn’t stop.  I was over the average for the 12 years old.