My Favorite Activities!! (Day 2)

My most favorite day the 2nd day. We did mountain biking and canoeing in 2 groups. My group did mountain biking first. First, we put on the blue helmets and then chose our bikes. Mine was green and had a gold seat. It was my first time to go mountain biking. It was kind of hard to get used to the gears at first, but I got used it and it helped me a lot on the hills. The most challenging type of road was the rocky road. It was really bumpy and I tripped. Especially, when we were going down the hill, it was really hard and I tripped many times. I thought “OMG rocky places are so hard!!” We biked in the nature and it was really nice. There were flowers in some places and many green trees. I also saw mountains and lakes in Hakuba. The best part was going down hills in fast speed after going up hills. The wind felt really good and it was so fun. At first, I hesitated to go fast but I soon got used to it and went down hills faster than the start. I liked the smooth roads because it was easy to control and I was able to speed up. When we were going back to the camping place, some people and I rode our bikes really fast. When we were almost there, a boy infront of me fell. I suddenly pushed the brake so my bike floated and I fell too. I landed on my knees and hands so it hurt really much but it wasn’t that bad so I continued to go on. It was a surprising experience for me but it was so fun.

After all the 6th graders came back, we ate lunch. Then, my group went to go canoeing. We first learned how to go forward, backward, and turn. Then we got into groups of 3 and rode on the boat. My group was Eileen and Hye-won. We had to follow the Evergreen people. It was hard to go straight and turn so it took time but we were able to follow them. My group’s boat bumped into many boats so sometimes it was a little hard to make the boat balanced. Next time, I want to go mountain biking and canoeing again with my family or my friends.

Learner Profile: Caring- I was caring because I said “Are you ok?” to my friends when they got hurt.

This is a picture of me and my friends finished putting on helmets and waiting to get our bikes.

Learner Profile Example

When I was in math class, I was Caring because I helped my friends solve problems. I was working on my math problems and then my friend asked me how to do it. I helped her with her questions and solved the problem together. Also, my friend asked me what the question meant so I told her what it meant and what she needs to do.

Looking Forward to Field Studies

Next week, we are going to Hakuba that is in Nagano. We are going to stay there from October 15th to October 20th. I am very excited, looking forward, and interested about many things in Field Studies. I am very excited to go on the hot air balloon because it is my first time and I can ride on it with my friends. It looks fun and I really want to try riding on that. Also, I am excited about canoeing. I did canoeing before so I am a little confident and really excited. I am also interested in rock climbing. I am not really good at it but I want to try going as high as I can. I hope I can go to the top. The thing I am a little worried is about camping outside because I don’t have much experience of it and it is my first time to camp without my parents. I wonder how it is like in the night and if I can sleep.


This is the hotel we are going to stay at.

Investigate Reflection

During these six weeks, we worked on three things. The first one we did was the blog research . The second one was the brainstorm. The third one was learning about word press. The one I liked the most was the brainstorm. It was fun thinking of what I want to write in my blog, and what I enjoy to do.

In the blog research, we looked at three or more blogs and found what made that blog good. We made at least two comments on what we liked for each blog. I liked the part where I saw good examples of blogs that I could learn about. For example, I learned what I should do to make a good blog. I also learned that there are many ways to get people’s attention. Some of the ways are using pictures that look interesting and clear to see, titles that make people want to read it, and themes that expresses yourself or match the blog . It helps me because I could improve my blog and notice what is different from mine and get ideas. I could use that idea to make my blog better. In the brainstorm, we brainstormed ideas about what we can write in our blogs, like our favorite things.

For example, I added ideas about my favorite sports, books, movies, countries, and tv shows. I also wrote about reflections of our fieldtrips, field studies, and important events that include food fair and sports day. It helps me beause when I get stuck about what I am going to write, I could see my brainstorms and get ideas. In learning about wordpress, we split into six groups and investigated about the topic we were in charge. We had to find out how to do things like adding categories.  Sometimes it was difficult but we managed to work it out by clicking on buttons that I thought I already knew but didn’t know at all. At the end, we got into bigger groups and told the group what we learned



The most important three criterias to me are organization, updates, and writing. I think organization is very important because if you add categories and make it organized, people can find what they want to read about quicker, make it easier for me to find my posts, and post my posts without getting them mixed up. I think updates are really important too because if you don’t update your blog, the readers would get bored and they will stop looking at your blog. If you update your blog a lot, the readers will come to the blog many times. Writing is one of the most important criteria to me because if you write mean things and unappropriate things, people won’t like your blog and maybe people will rate your blog badly or have a bad reputation. Also, people can say bad things about your blog to many people like using internet and talking. If that happens, many people will not read your blog.

I will check my blog everday and make sure it is updated every week, not mixed up, and contains no writing that will make people feel bad. I will look at the posts if they are in the right catergory, and look at the dates of my last posts, and read my writing many times.

I really learned a lot in six weeks and I feel proud of myself and is very happy. I was so excited when I got my first blog and posted my first post. I learned what I can do in blogs like adding posts, images, videos, categories, menus, widgets, change themes, change background, change profile, edit posts, save drafts, and a lot more.  It was hard at first to get used to change the settings and do things like sorting my posts into categories. I want to improve on writing posts and getting to know about my blog better. Next time, I want to post things that is not related to school.


Early Humans Talk Show

This is a video of a project we did in humanities. First, we chose our species. Our choices were Australopithecus Afarensis, Homo Habilis/Boisei, Neanderthal, and Homo Sapiens. Homo Sapiens were the interviewer. After that, we got into groups which had all these species.

The interviewers wrote introductions and conclusions and the people who were the other species gathered information about their own species and wrote questions for the interview. I was the Homo Habilis so I researched for information like what they eat, where they live, who, where, and when the fossils were found and more. After we finished finding the answers to the questions, we practiced with our groups and got ready. Finally, we filmed our interviews.

I liked where I got to know many facts about Homo Habilis and made funny scenes with my group. I think I could have spoken a little louder and look at the interviewer more. I thought it was fun and interesting to do interviews that we needed to be a different character than we are always and also look at other people’s interviews.

P.E. essay

We learned about what is fit, cardio-vascular endurance, flexibility, body composition, and muscle strength in P.E. Fit means that you can move your body like doing sports and healthy. For example, I do sports like volleyball and practice it twice a week. Also, I run in the park with my sister and get exercise. To run long distances, our Cardio-vascular endurance needs to be strong. Cardio-vascular endurance is how strong your heart is. It can potentially make you live more and makes you keep energy and stamina. You can test your cardio-vascular endurance by running 12 minutes. For example, you can run as many laps as you can by 12 minutes in a park and  measure your distance and see if you are under average, normal, or over the average.  I learned that flexibility is how much you are flexible. Flexible means that you are not stiff like being able to do splits. I think I am flexible because I do ballet, splits, and put my legs up high. You can test your flexibility by touching your feet and putting your hands as far as you can. I also learned about muscular strength too. It is about how strong your muscles are. You can test your muscles by doing sit-ups, and push-ups. Also, you can try to lift dumbbells and try heavier ones after you get comfortable with the ones you are doing right now.

In many kinds of sports, we need cardio-vascular endurance, flexibility, and muscular strength. Cross country, basketball, and swimming are some examples that need cardio-vascular endurance. In these sports, we use our leg muscles. For cross country and basketball, we need to run. We can shoot more goals in basketball and run faster in crosscountry, and swim long distance without getting so tired in swimming. Some sports that need flexibility are ballet, gymnastics, and cheerleading. We need to be flexible to do skills like doing splits while jumping and put our legs up high. I think it can prevent injuries so we won’t get big injuries than stiff people. One example of a sport that need muscular strength is weight lifting. You have to build up your body and have strong muscles. If we have strong muscles, we can carry heavy things and be helpful. As you can see, there are many sports that need the four things.

The reasons you should test your fitness is because you can set goals and improve on things that you are not really good at. I set one goal for cross-country. My goal was not to stop running even I am tired. The another goal was to be able to do 10 push-ups in a row. I always get tired before doing 10 so I want to be able to do it. My third one is to be able to swim 100m without getting tired. I was able to do 100m before but I got really tired and it was quite a long time ago so I want to be able to swim not getting tired and have a lot of energy left.

When I did the tests in P.E., I thought I was good at flexibility and cardio-vascular endurance. I thought I needed to improve on my muscular strength because I couldn’t do real push-ups and I had a hard time doing the push-ups and sit-ups. Now, I know what I need to work on so I will try to do at least 1 minute of push-ups and sit-ups everyday.

Wordle: Adjectives describes me


This is a wordle about the adjectives that describe me. I think I am a hard-worker, athletic, and kind.

Hard-Worker- I concentrate on my work and try to make it better.

Athletic- I like to do sports like volleyball, running, swimming, bowling, and ice-skating.

Kind- My friends tell me I am kind. I help my friends when they have trouble with something.




This is a wordle about me. I am from Japan and Taiwan and I was born in Hawaii. I really like to do sports like Ice Skating, Running, Skiing, and especially volleyball.