Looking Forward to Field Studies

Next week, we are going to Hakuba that is in Nagano. We are going to stay there from October 15th to October 20th. I am very excited, looking forward, and interested about many things in Field Studies. I am very excited to go on the hot air balloon because it is my first time and I can ride on it with my friends. It looks fun and I really want to try riding on that. Also, I am excited about canoeing. I did canoeing before so I am a little confident and really excited. I am also interested in rock climbing. I am not really good at it but I want to try going as high as I can. I hope I can go to the top. The thing I am a little worried is about camping outside because I don’t have much experience of it and it is my first time to camp without my parents. I wonder how it is like in the night and if I can sleep.


This is the hotel we are going to stay at.


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