My Favorite Activities!! (Day 2)

My most favorite day the 2nd day. We did mountain biking and canoeing in 2 groups. My group did mountain biking first. First, we put on the blue helmets and then chose our bikes. Mine was green and had a gold seat. It was my first time to go mountain biking. It was kind of hard to get used to the gears at first, but I got used it and it helped me a lot on the hills. The most challenging type of road was the rocky road. It was really bumpy and I tripped. Especially, when we were going down the hill, it was really hard and I tripped many times. I thought “OMG rocky places are so hard!!” We biked in the nature and it was really nice. There were flowers in some places and many green trees. I also saw mountains and lakes in Hakuba. The best part was going down hills in fast speed after going up hills. The wind felt really good and it was so fun. At first, I hesitated to go fast but I soon got used to it and went down hills faster than the start. I liked the smooth roads because it was easy to control and I was able to speed up. When we were going back to the camping place, some people and I rode our bikes really fast. When we were almost there, a boy infront of me fell. I suddenly pushed the brake so my bike floated and I fell too. I landed on my knees and hands so it hurt really much but it wasn’t that bad so I continued to go on. It was a surprising experience for me but it was so fun.

After all the 6th graders came back, we ate lunch. Then, my group went to go canoeing. We first learned how to go forward, backward, and turn. Then we got into groups of 3 and rode on the boat. My group was Eileen and Hye-won. We had to follow the Evergreen people. It was hard to go straight and turn so it took time but we were able to follow them. My group’s boat bumped into many boats so sometimes it was a little hard to make the boat balanced. Next time, I want to go mountain biking and canoeing again with my family or my friends.

Learner Profile: Caring- I was caring because I said “Are you ok?” to my friends when they got hurt.

This is a picture of me and my friends finished putting on helmets and waiting to get our bikes.

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  1. I like that is has lots of pictures and its really fun to read w
    And you put the learner profile word too P.S you are caring :3333

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