Improvised Storytelling

In Drama, we did a game called Die Story Die. In this game, there is a conductor and he/she choose a topic for the group and conducts them. In this game, I learned these skills:

  • getting ideas quickly
  • listening to others
  • being prepared anytime

I used these skills by talking when it was my turn with no hesitation. I listened to the others and tried to prepare what I will say next. I tried to not stop and not be stuck. In performances, we can use these skills when there is no script and we have to think of something in a hurry or very fast. Also, maybe when somebody forgets a line and has a hard time, if we were listening to her/him, we could continue it and it won’t be a problem.

This is a video of my group doing Die Story Die. It wasn’t my best one but I made it to the end 🙂

6A Drama: Co-op Storytelling from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Improv Tournament

For the last 3 months in Drama, we have been working on games that will help us practice offering ideas, accepting ideas and basic stuff. Today, we did a Tournament and chose 2 games we wanted to do. We got into groups of 4 and did it infront of the class. I thought I did a better job on a game called Space Jump which I did at the first. I offered ideas by saying that I found a coin and asking my friend how much it will be if I will sell it. I accepted ideas when my friend, Ashley said she was hungry(in the scene) so I pretended giving her cookie and ate it together. I thought I could improve by thinking more quickly, use facial expressions, and modulating voices. The skills we used in this performance are offering, accepting, thinking quickly, and making a scene from any start. This is my group’s video playing the game called SpaceJump.

6A Drama: Improv Tournament from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In the Criteria:

You will always offer ideas and accept other’s ideas- I thought I got a 8/10 because I offered ideas and accepted all the ideas.

You will always share the story/scene with other players- I thought I got 7/10 because I shared what I want to do to other players but not all the time.

You will always name the object or introduce the situation so other players understand- I thought I got a 8/10 because I introduces the object for example what I found and told the ideas of the situation.

You will always keep the story going to a logical conclusion- I thought I got 6/10 because I was really bad at ending it and continuing to the end.

You will always create and keep being a believable character in a place that matches the character -I thought I got a 7/10 because I stayed in the position I was and then didn’t go off topic and I acted a character that matches to the scene.

Create Reflection

After we did the Investigation and Designing and Planing, we created our Navigation Menu and our About me page. In the Navigation Menu, we put the class categories in to the Grade 6 Menu that is in School. In the About me page, I wrote about my family, what I like for example, tv shows. I also wrote about what I often do when I go on the computer.

I am happy with my blog design because it has the animal I like and expresses me. It makes me happy and I like it where it is colorful and the panda is listening to music. I came up with this design because I listen to music a lot and I thought it was interesting to have a panda putting on headphones and listening to music. I think the blog design is really cheerful too and cute. 

  Image Source

The thing that I am most proud of is my About me page. I thought I did a good job on it because I included many stuff about me and I thought it tells a lot. I included pictures I took/my friends took and the one that I really like a lot. I wrote my nationality, dream, family, language I can speak, favorite foods, foods I dislike, things I love to do, things I do when I am on the computer, and my favorite TV shows. I thought the readers will know more about me and maybe can find something in common, and I think it is really good.

 Image Source

Now, I think I am getting used to blogs and having a fun time. Also, I know what I can do in blogs so I can do many things. I am proud that I wrote my About me page as I said and wrote personal posts. I am happy with my background and my header image too because my background are pandas which is one of my favorite animal and the header image is the best photo I took in Field Studies even it is not related to music >:o      

Plan Reflection

For the last three weeks, we worked on our Blog Designs and Plan stage. We designed 3 blog themes and chose our best one that we liked. Before we did this, we did the blog investigation. Here is the link to see my post of the investigation. Click here!! After designing our theme, we wrote our goals and what we are going to do to achieve the goals in a doc called ‘How to Grow A Blog’.






On designing 3 blog themes, we had to make designs that we want our blog to look like. One I drew was cherryblossoms, second one was a bird and some stars. And the third one which I chose was about a panda listening to music. I chose this drawing(my theme) because I like pandas, and listening to music. Also it wasn’t too complicated and I thought it was colorful and represents me quite much. The background doesn’t have pictures that moves so it is not distracting too.


I think my next step is to get more viewers of my blog. I can tell my friends and relatives to check out my blog. I can look at popular blogs and learn why it is popular and get ideas. Also, I can comment on other people’s blog. I can post posts a lot including personal ones and put interesting post titles and events. I could also put pictures with my posts and make it more interesting to see. Maybe I can play around more in my blog and find out more about it.

In these projects, I liked designing my theme because there was no rules like themesubjects that are already chosen so I chose what I wanted my blog to look like. I was really happy with my work and I really feel that I want to design my blog NOW and make it similar to the drawing I drew. I want to be better at writing posts every week. There wasn’t really challenging parts but the designs took a lot of time. Now I have a goal to archieve so I hope I can achive it and make another goal. 🙂



Koto Piece Toryanse(通りゃんせ)

In koto class, we are playing a song called Nihon No Warabe Uta. There are some pieces in it and one was called Toryanse. For our homework, we recorded ourselves playing Toryanse. I thought I improved alot than the start but need to practice a lot more because I mistake some parts. This is me playing the Toryanse (通りゃんせ).

Hope you enjoy it!! 🙂


Presenting our Skits!!! (Day4)

We practiced our skits before dinner about an hour. We had to use the word “Sky” in it. My skit was about imagination. My group(roommates) couldn’t really practice because we couldn’t stop laughing when something happened. We fixed some parts that were weird or boring and made it funnier. Then we went down and ate our dinner. It was really yummy.We packed our bags after everyone ate the dinner. When me and my roommates went to our room, we forgot about packing our bags and practiced our skit. After a while, my friend realized we needed to pack our bags. We packed our bags in a hurry. Unluckily, the teacher came to our room before we finished so we were like “Oh my gosh… what should we do!” I opened the door and the teacher came in. Then the teacher said “its ok” so we felt relieved. We did games and practiced our skit again until it was time to gather downstairs. We had to perform our skits. 😛  We were the second last group to perform. When we finished the half of the groups, we had a break time and ate snacks like potato chips, and drinks. Then we had a game that we had to answer questions in groups and get points. My group won and we got a snack called “pai no mi(パイの実)” After that, we performed our skit. I was kind of nervous and very excited. People laughed at our skit and it was awesome. There was a part that a nerd comes out and tells the definition of imagination but she forgot to go so we laughed so hard. I couldn’t stop laughing because it was so funny!!!

This is our group’s skit! Please Enjoy 🙂

Rock-Climbing Challenge

On the 4th day, we went rock-climbing. The rock-climbing was really challenging but exciting. We went by bus to the rock-climbing place. There were 5 courses and there was the easiest one to the hardest one. I did the third hardest one. We put on helmets and life belts so that it will be ok even we put our hands off the rock or lose balance. I did rock-climbing before but it wasn’t that big. This one was huge!! When I got to 6m, my hands hurt so I couldn’t go to the top. Some of the people went to the top on the one I did, and harder ones. They were really cool. I watched other people do it and talked with my friends. After everyone had more than a turn, we went back to our hotel. Rock-climbing was harder than I thought was really fun. I want to rock-climb again and try to go to the top.



Hiking :) (Day 4)

On Day 4, we hiked a mountain. We rode on the bus to go to the starting point and started. On the front, there were 2 dogs, Teddy and Sky. Sky was Teddy’s mom. The day before was rainy so it was really slippery. I tried to not slip but it was challenging. Some parts were muddy and some were rocky. The rocky places were kind of scary because most of the rocks were slippery, and I lost balance a lot. The most challenging part was a place that was so muddy and slippery but also didn’t have place to walk normally. There was a rope on a tree so we hold the rope and carefully got to the other end. We climbed about 5 hours. In the middle, we took a lunch break and ate lunch. Lunch was curry, salad and cinnamon tea. It was really good. Some of the people who finished eating, rode on a raft made out of logs. It was funny and surprising when a boy and a girl started to sink. After about a minute, some boys started to fall off too. After we rested, we started walking again. The nature was really beautiful and it felt great. We went to the top of the mountain and then back down. My legs were tired but it was really fun. My trousers were very dirty after the hiking. It felt good when I finished hiking and I thought “Yey! That was cool!!”. I felt a sense of achievement. We went back to our hotel by bus and went to our rooms after that and played games.

Learner Profile: Knowlegeble- I was knowledgeble because I knew it was going to be slippery and I wore waterproof pants that is ok to get dirty. I also didn’t put many things in my bag because it will be heavy.