Hiking :) (Day 4)

On Day 4, we hiked a mountain. We rode on the bus to go to the starting point and started. On the front, there were 2 dogs, Teddy and Sky. Sky was Teddy’s mom. The day before was rainy so it was really slippery. I tried to not slip but it was challenging. Some parts were muddy and some were rocky. The rocky places were kind of scary because most of the rocks were slippery, and I lost balance a lot. The most challenging part was a place that was so muddy and slippery but also didn’t have place to walk normally. There was a rope on a tree so we hold the rope and carefully got to the other end. We climbed about 5 hours. In the middle, we took a lunch break and ate lunch. Lunch was curry, salad and┬ácinnamon┬átea. It was really good. Some of the people who finished eating, rode on a raft made out of logs. It was funny and surprising when a boy and a girl started to sink. After about a minute, some boys started to fall off too. After we rested, we started walking again. The nature was really beautiful and it felt great. We went to the top of the mountain and then back down. My legs were tired but it was really fun. My trousers were very dirty after the hiking. It felt good when I finished hiking and I thought “Yey! That was cool!!”. I felt a sense of achievement. We went back to our hotel by bus and went to our rooms after that and played games.

Learner Profile: Knowlegeble- I was knowledgeble because I knew it was going to be slippery and I wore waterproof pants that is ok to get dirty. I also didn’t put many things in my bag because it will be heavy.


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