Presenting our Skits!!! (Day4)

We practiced our skits before dinner about an hour. We had to use the word “Sky” in it. My skit was about imagination. My group(roommates) couldn’t really practice because we couldn’t stop laughing when something happened. We fixed some parts that were weird or boring and made it funnier. Then we went down and ate our dinner. It was really yummy.We packed our bags after everyone ate the dinner. When me and my roommates went to our room, we forgot about packing our bags and practiced our skit. After a while, my friend realized we needed to pack our bags. We packed our bags in a hurry. Unluckily, the teacher came to our room before we finished so we were like “Oh my gosh… what should we do!” I opened the door and the teacher came in. Then the teacher said “its ok” so we felt relieved. We did games and practiced our skit again until it was time to gather downstairs. We had to perform our skits. 😛  We were the second last group to perform. When we finished the half of the groups, we had a break time and ate snacks like potato chips, and drinks. Then we had a game that we had to answer questions in groups and get points. My group won and we got a snack called “pai no mi(パイの実)” After that, we performed our skit. I was kind of nervous and very excited. People laughed at our skit and it was awesome. There was a part that a nerd comes out and tells the definition of imagination but she forgot to go so we laughed so hard. I couldn’t stop laughing because it was so funny!!!

This is our group’s skit! Please Enjoy 🙂

5 thoughts on “Presenting our Skits!!! (Day4)

  1. I liked your skit!!!! It was very funny. I liked your idea about imagination.
    Hope I can see it again 🙂

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