1min speech in Drama

In Drama, we wrote a 1 minute speech about the thing we like, or like to do and presented to the class. I talked about volleyball because it is one of my favorite sport. I thought I should have practiced more because when I standed in front of the class, I kind of forgot what to say and got mixed up. And I think the solution of that problem is to practice. Even though I got mixed up, I thought I did a pretty good job beause I was able to speak for a minute. Here’s the video:

6A Drama: 1 Min Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Greek and Roman Gods

Roman and Greek Gods

There are many Greek and Roman Gods, and one of the Greek Gods is Jupiter/Zeus. According to the Roman myths, he was the god of sky and thunder. His skill (identifying implement) was thunderbolt. His dad was Saturn and he had two brothers and three sisters including Neptune/Poseidon and Pluto/Hades. They divided the world between themselves, and Jupiter took all of the heavens, Neptune took the sea, and Pluto took the underworld. Jupiter had more powers than anyone. He could throw his voice, and make it sound like anybody and also he could change shape and look like anybody. He was very good at changing his shape that he could change into the form of an animal. Also, he could throw lightning bolts and his flying horse, Pegasus carried them for him. He wasn’t afraid of anything except for his wife, Juno.

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by thisisbossi



Another of the Roman Gods, is Mercury/Hermes. He was the youngest son of Jupiter and Juno. Jupiter liked him so much. Mercury was very clever and was able to solve problems in unexpected situations, so  Jupiter wanted him to have an important job in the world.  So Mercury got to be the god of finance, commerce, travel, communication, and thievery. Also, he was the guide of the souls in the underworld.

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I got information from these sites: http://greece.mrdonn.org/greekgods/index.html  ,  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercury_(mythology)  , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jupiter_(mythology) 


P.E. the First Chapter

In P.E., we have been working on the unit volleyball and also we finished the unit of Fitness, and Soccer. In the unit Fitness, I learned what is fit, cardio-vascular endurance, flexibility, body composition, and muscle strength  and about muscles we use. Fit means to be healthy and can move your body. We did tests like sit-up test, flexibility test, jumping test to know what we are good at and what we need to improve on. I thought I did a good job on the flexibility test. I thought I needed to improve on the push-up and sit-up. We also ran in the park for 12 minutes and tested how many laps we could do. I ran 2100 m which was 10.5 laps and I thought I did a good job. In the unit Soccer, I learned the positions and skills we can use in a game. I thought improved on defending. In the unit Volleyball, I learned to do a spike and to communicate. I did volleyball for a short time so I knew how to do serves, set, and dig but I learned the tips to do these so that I can do it better. Before, I used to not communicate but now I communicate with my teammates so that we know who is going to get the ball and also I learned to encourage my teammates too. I think I am good at digging. I think I need to improve on spiking and serving because when I tried to serve, sometimes it didn’t go over the net so I want to make my serves better.

Investigation Reflection

In Tech we are working on tutorials. First we watched some tutorial we wanted to watch on Youtube and filled in the doc called “Tutorial Research” which you can see it when you click on the image below↓ After that, I put my favorite tutorial video on a blog post and wrote what I liked and thought was good but also how it could improve. To go to that blog post Click here! After we finished the blog post, we commented on two people’s favorite tutorial blog post.   I commented on “Saya’s Blog” and “Satono’s Blog“.   





On Saya’s blog, I watched a tutorial on how to draw a Homer Simpson. I learned the steps to draw the Homer Simpson and you draw the ears below the eyeline. I thought it was good where he explained the steps a little by little using not complicated shapes and letters. To make it better, I thought he could have slow down a bit. It was easy to understand and it was not too long so I didn’t get bored. I learned that if you tell the steps simple like using simple shapes, it makes it easier to understand and do it better.

On Satono’s blog, I watched a tutorial on how to do a back handspring. It looked hard to do but it made me want to try doing it. I learned that we need to stretch our body for example doing bridges so that we won’t get hurt. Also, I learned the steps to do a back handspring. I thought it was good where the person told us we should do stretches and some examples of stretches because even they tell us to do stretches we won’t know what kind of stretch we should do. To make it better, I thought she could have told us tips sp that even beginners can do it.

During this unit, I learned what makes a good tutorial. For example, I learned that we need to tell simple steps and we should talk in a good pace. It would be helpful if we tell tips and what we need to do it. We should tell what equipment and materials we need at the beginning and also, we should show the thing we are going to make our explain so that the people who watches it will know what it will be like.

At last, we made our own practice tutorial in google presentation. I thought I needed to put more detail,  explain it from the very beginning and make it easy to understand because I think that if the people who didn’t know anything about iMovie, they will have a hard time. This is my presentation:

When I compared the tutorials (which is the tutorial I watched and the one I made) it is the same where we are explaining or telling how to things and saying it step by step. Also, there are words and some pictures in it too. There are titles and it saids what it is going to talk about. The differences between the tutorial and presentation are videos and presentations. There is voice in the tutorial but not in the presentation. In the tutorials, they explain it and also show it. In the tutorial, they say things that can catch people’s attention too. I need to learn how to take videos in a perfect angle. Also, if it takes too much time for showing all of it, I need to learn how to fast-forward it and also playing the video slowly for important parts. I need to learn the effects we can use to make tutorials.