My Sakura Medal Podcast :D

This is my 2013 Sakura Medal Book review podcast I made. The fascinating book I reviewed was “Dead End in Norvelt”  by Jack Gantos. Hope you enjoy it!! 😀

If you don’t know what a Sakura Medal Book is, they are the books that are nominated for a special award. Click here to know more!

One thought on “My Sakura Medal Podcast :D

  1. I think your podcast is really good! I really like it because you spoke in a loud voice. I also like it because you contained some quotations and they also matched your explanation about the it. To make your podcast better, I think you would have to speak more clearer and slower because in the second half of your podcast, I couldn’t really realize what you said. I am looking forward to hearing more of your podcasts! (maybe)

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