Tutorial Plan Reflection

In Technology, we are working on making tutorials and we just finished planning. First, we chose our topic. I chose “How to make brownies”. I chose it because I love brownies and I made it before. Then, we did our storyboard. We drew what each clip was going to be like, and wrote the steps, length of the clip, script, titles, transitions, and Background Audio which was optional. I planned that the length of the tutorial is about 5 minutes. After we did the storyboard, we wrote our tutorial timeline plan. This is my storyboard:


I think it meets some of the criterias. One of the critera is Language. I think it is Language because the script is simple, clear and easy to understand. I made sure that I don’t say too much because it would be confusing. Also I think it meets the criteria Title because I think my title is simple and not confusing so that people would know what it is about. The other criteria is List of Materials. In the beginning, I am going to tell the materials that is needed to make brownines so that people who want to make it have to look at the tutorial to the end to get ready. This is my timeline plan:


To make my tutorial good, I think talking clearly in a good pace and loudly will help people understand my tutorial. Also, the camera needs to be steady and there shouldn’t be distractions like loud background noises and shaking the camera.

I think I learned most of the things to make the tutorial and I just need to practice a lot. I need to think of the volume of the background audio if it is not too loud. Also, I should think if the music matches the tutorial I am making. I need to see what angle I should take too.

In conclusion, I am very excited to make a tutorial about How to make brownies. It is my first time to make it and I think it is very interesting and fun. In the steps, I am most excited about filming. I don’t really make videos so I think it is my first time to make videos by myself. I am a little bit worried but I want to do my best and make a great tutorial.