Tokyo National Museum Reflection!

3 days ago which was April 23rd, we went on a field trip to the Ueno Zoo and Tokyo National Museum. First we went to the zoo and then went to the Tokyo National Museum. These two places were very close so we walked to the museum from the zoo. But to the zoo, we went by train. We rode on the train from Ishikawachou Station.

I never went to this museum and I don’t really go to these places. I was expecting to see ancient things and I did. My legs were tired from the long walk at the zoo and the basketball practice I had before that day.

At the museum, we had to choose 3 to 5 things. I chose 4 things and one was Netsuke Dragon Drum design wood. It was one of the wood carvings in the museum called Netsuke. And the one I chose was shaped like a dragon drum. It was very small and I thought it was very impressive because it was very detailed. This work was a gift from Mr. Go Seinosuke. It is from the Edo period (18th century). This work reminded me of wood toys and sculptures in Germany. I think this work connects to China because it’s a dragon and dragons were originally from China. I learned that ancient Japanese people made these things and even now people make these too. 





How to Make Brownies Tutorial!!!

In technology, we have been working on making our own tutorial since the beginning of March. My tutorial is “How to Make Brownies”.  To see the steps I did before making the tutorial (filming, editing etc.) look at this post →here. After we finished our tutorial, we did the Self & Peer Assesment Checklist and uploaded it on Youtube. This is the tutorial I made 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!

If you watched my tutorial, please do this survey:↓

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My tutorial connects to the following criterias:

  • Title
  • Distractions
  • Zoom
  • Pace
  • Finished Product
  • Music (Background Audio)

The criteria…

“Title”, connects because my title for the tutorial tells what it is about.

“Distractions”, connects because I thought there are no distracting background noise and also the background audio is not too loud.

“Zoom”, connects because the camera is zoomed in and it is focused.

“Pace”, connects because I thought I spoke in a good pace and it is not too fast and not too slow.

“Finished Product”, connects because I showed the brownie which is the finished product at the start.

“Background Audio”, connects because the music matches my tutorial and it is not too loud and not too quiet.


For extending my thinking, I watched three people’s tutorials who were in my grade.  The tutorials are Ayaka’s, Eileen’s, and Ayana’s. I learned a lot of things and got ideas. I learned that having subtitles makes it easy to understand and it will be more accurate. Also, using simple shapes will make it easier to draw because everyone is used to it than complex shapes. If the music is catchy and upbeat, the audience will be more interested. Also if the title is unique and interesting, it will catch more attention. I got the idea of using subtitles, and using catchy, upbeat and happy music.

I am still wondering how to do a Picture in Picture. I still find it challenging to choose the music that matches and also the filming.

In conclusion, I enjoyed and had fun making the tutorial and I want to make one again. I need to improve on filming, and editing. I should have put subtitles and made it easier to understand for the audience. This unit taught me what is a good tutorial and how we make a tutorial. For example, I learned that planning first will make it better and to plan, we could use storyboards.


What components should I improve on?

I think I should improve on flexibility, muscular strength, cardio vascular endurance and body composition because I do ballet. Flexibility is important in ballet because we have to do splits, split jump, put our legs high up and more. It looks better when you are very flexible.  Also, I think I should improve on muscular strength because there are a lot of jumping in ballet and we need power to jump high and continue. I think cardio vascular endurance is important because when you dance long, you can use up your energy and you will have a hard time. Also, I think body composition is important because when you are too fat, it would be hard to move and you can’t move smoothly so I won’t look good. If you are fat, it will be harder to do stretches, putting your legs high up jumping. It would take a lot of energy.


See, Think, Wonder

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by @Doug88888


I see a pink flower with orange in the middle. This is the only flower that is zoomed in and is clear. There are many pink and white small petals. The background is dark green.


I think this flower is pretty and I want to see it someday. Also, I think this photo is taken in the mountain, woods, or forests. The orange thing in the middle looks like sea urchin. 


I wonder… When was it taken? What is the flower called? Where was it token? Where can I find it? Who took this photo?

My Headline: 

New Plant Eating Flower Discovered in Mt. Fuji