How to Make Brownies Tutorial!!!

In technology, we have been working on making our own tutorial since the beginning of March. My tutorial is “How to Make Brownies”.  To see the steps I did before making the tutorial (filming, editing etc.) look at this post →here. After we finished our tutorial, we did the Self & Peer Assesment Checklist and uploaded it on Youtube. This is the tutorial I made 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!

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My tutorial connects to the following criterias:

  • Title
  • Distractions
  • Zoom
  • Pace
  • Finished Product
  • Music (Background Audio)

The criteria…

“Title”, connects because my title for the tutorial tells what it is about.

“Distractions”, connects because I thought there are no distracting background noise and also the background audio is not too loud.

“Zoom”, connects because the camera is zoomed in and it is focused.

“Pace”, connects because I thought I spoke in a good pace and it is not too fast and not too slow.

“Finished Product”, connects because I showed the brownie which is the finished product at the start.

“Background Audio”, connects because the music matches my tutorial and it is not too loud and not too quiet.


For extending my thinking, I watched three people’s tutorials who were in my grade.  The tutorials are Ayaka’s, Eileen’s, and Ayana’s. I learned a lot of things and got ideas. I learned that having subtitles makes it easy to understand and it will be more accurate. Also, using simple shapes will make it easier to draw because everyone is used to it than complex shapes. If the music is catchy and upbeat, the audience will be more interested. Also if the title is unique and interesting, it will catch more attention. I got the idea of using subtitles, and using catchy, upbeat and happy music.

I am still wondering how to do a Picture in Picture. I still find it challenging to choose the music that matches and also the filming.

In conclusion, I enjoyed and had fun making the tutorial and I want to make one again. I need to improve on filming, and editing. I should have put subtitles and made it easier to understand for the audience. This unit taught me what is a good tutorial and how we make a tutorial. For example, I learned that planning first will make it better and to plan, we could use storyboards.


23 thoughts on “How to Make Brownies Tutorial!!!

  1. I like your tutorial 😀 I think you spoke really clear and loud enough that audiences can hear 😀 It was done by step by step and really simple tips 🙂 I think you need to improve on filming 😛 But still I really like your tutorial

  2. Hi Emma,
    I liked your topic for your tutorial and you spoke in a good pace. The music was also a very good choice.
    What I learned from your video is how to make brownies and to talk more slowly.
    You could maybe get a better HD quality otherwise the video was even better:D

    • Thanks Eileen! I agree on getting a better HD quality too. I actually used a different camera for my first clip and I think that was the most blurry clip. Maybe I should have used the same camera for all of them. 🙂

  3. I really liked your tutorial!!!!

    I like how your step is really clear, and how you spoke too.
    I think you need to improve the filming.
    Some day, make me one of your brownies <3

    • Thanks Satono! I agree on the filming too because I thought the camera wasn’t steady. Next time I make it, I’ll bring it to school 🙂

  4. Hi!
    I liked your tutorial about brownies! I especially liked the music because it goes together with your tutorial topic. The music sounds home-like and it relates to the brownies because your making it at…HOME! Secondly, I liked your tutorial because it was very clear and I could see everything easily. Lastly, I like how easy you made the tutorial to be. It was nothing too hard or dangerous, like using an oven (might be dangerous).
    I learned how to make brownies without an oven (which I usually do). I also learned that you don’t need to melt the chocolate by boiling (too hard and will take a long time), you could just put Meiji chocolates in the microwave, and mix.
    I think you could improve if you talked a bit slower so that viewers could understand more!
    I loved how simple your tutorial is! Thanks!- Ayana

    • Thanks Ayana! I agree on talking a bit slower too 🙂 Maybe I was rushing a bit?! again, thanks for the comment!!

  5. I like your video Emma(sis)! HAHA LOL XD 🙂 The 3 things I liked is the voice, music, and how you put the “how it will look like” pic at last. I learned how to make a brownie, and also when you put butter on the sheet, it will make it better. Finally, I think you should have subtitles, because it will make it more easier to understand.
    Sorry for the video. When I saw the other people’s comments, they said about the graphics. well sry lolol 😛

    • Lol thanks! I think putting subtitles will make it better too.
      its okayyy 🙂

  6. Well done Emma! Your tutorial is fantastic and you have lots of ideas for how to make an even better one next time! I hope this project has inspired you to keep making tutorials because you have a natural talent 🙂

  7. Hey, I am Cindy from Canadian Academy, Kobe,
    I watched your tutorial and it was very easy to follow. The brownie looked so good. Great Job!

    We did something similar to this in our Design Tech class too!

  8. Hi, this is Iris from canadian kobe. This video was great, but it was a little bit too fast.

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