Singing in the Rain (Gene Kelly)

Have you ever watched the film “Singing in the Rain”? The video below is one of the famous scenes in the film “Singing in the Rain”. And in this scene, Gene Kelly who is the role of Don Lockwood is singing the song called “Singing in the Rain”in the rain.

~Props~ ~Rhythm~ ~Expression~ ~Moving through space~

I thought he used the props to express his feelings. I felt that he was in a happy mood because he was smiling and walking in a good mood. He used a lot of props like the umbrella.  He used the umbrella as a cane but didn’t use it for avoiding getting wet. I can feel that he didn’t care even if he got wet and that made me think that he is in a great mood. Sometimes when people are sad, they feel like getting wet but I knew he was happy because he was dancing and splashing water. I thought the rhythm was not very slow and not very fast and it was good. I thought it matched the scene. He was walking in a quite fast speed and he used the space very well.

Movie Angle Shots!!

In English, we started a Film Study unit. We discussed about “Reading” or Interpreting. We discussed what interpreting means, trying to understand, predicting, and questioning. Also we talked about how images interpret to text and manga. Also, we discussed the types of angles in movies or films.

And today we took pictures at the roof in groups. I was with Emily and Joi. We had to take it using the angles. Some of the angles are Low angles shots, High angle shots, Long shots/Wide angle shots, Medium shots, Close-up shots, point of view shots, bird’s eye view shots/over head shots, over the shoulder shots. These are the pictures my group took:


This is an example of a Low angle shot. Joi (the boy in this pic) is standing on a table and we are taking it from a low position. It makes him look like he is in a higher position than you and is looking down at you.


This photo is taken using the bird’s eye view shot. You could see all the playground which is very big. When you use this angle, you could show large areas.


This is an example of a shot of a low angle shot. It shows the audience that I (the person in front) am jumping higher than the person in the back. It can be used in action movies.

From this project, I learned that there are a lot of camera techniques to make someone look strong, and powerful, and to make people look like a boss and in a higher position. I learned that angles can show a lot of things.