My Ballet Life <3

In technology, we have been working on our digital story. I made one about my ballet life. I chose it because I enjoy doing it a lot. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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Yurikago no Uta Koto

In Koto class, we’ve been working on the pieces called Akatombo, Yurikago no Uta, and Yuuhi. And this is me playing a part of Yurikago no Uta.

I thought I improved quite a lot comparing to the beginning but I still have a lot to improve on.
To play it better, I thought I should work on playing it smoothly and accurately. Also, I have to be careful with the speed because sometimes I get too fast.

Miming in Drama

In Drama we are working on miming, and here are the mime I acted in.

I think I did well on focusing and not laughing during acting. Also I think we used space quite well too. I think I should think of angles like angles when I sit and stand so that I face the audience.

Marine Tower

Last week we went to the Marine Tower in Math class and found out the distance between the landmark,

Before going up the tower, we estimated the distance. My estimate was…

  • Mount Fuji- 300km
  • The Motomachi Arch- 2km
  • The top of Tokyo Skytree- 150km
  • The top of Yokohama Ferris Wheel- 30km
  • Yokohama Stadium- 20km
  • YCAC- 35 km
  • YIS- 15km
  • The Horizon- 100km
Some Basic information we found about Marine Tower:
Q. When was the tower built?
A. 1961
Q. How tall is the tower from the ground to its highest point?
A. 106m
Q. How high above the ground is each of the observation decks?
A. 100m
At Marine Tower, we found out the distances between some landmarks and also the difference between our estimate.
  • Mount Fuji- 84km, difference: 216km
  • Motomachi Arch- 1.2km, difference: 0.8 km
  • Tokyo Skytree- 32km, difference: 118km
  • Tokyo Tower- 25km
  • Yokohama Stadium- 900m, difference: 1100m
  • Kaze-no Tower- 17.5km
  • Foreign Cemetery- 500m
  • Negishi Shinrin Park- 2.5km
  • Kamiooka- 6.3km
  • Higashi-Totsuka- 8.5km
  • Minatomirai- 2km
  • Red Brick House- 1.2km
  • Osanbashi terminal- 900m
From the given information, I would change my original estimates to:
  • YIS- 1.5km
  • YCAC- 3km
  • The Horizon- 150km
  • The top of Yokohama Ferris Wheel- 2.1km
I had fun going to the Marine Tower with the class and I discovered a lot of things. Also, it was fun when Mr. Fedley bought us icecream. 🙂



What happens when one country controls another?

When one country controls the another, they will get bigger, and get more resources. Also they would have more land and and the population would increase. They would also have bigger armies so they would be able to win wars more.

For example the British Empire occupied a quarter of the earth’s surface by colonizing other countries. Also the British got resources like cotton, cloth, and silver from India. They also got information about new technologies.

The positive effects of colonizers are that they could get more: land, resources, and food

The negative effects of colonizers are that they will have: more people to feed, more land to manage, and more areas to protect

The positive effects of the colonized country are: having chance of getting food, and having chance of getting better rights

The negative effects of the colonized country are that they might become slaves
Another example is that the Indian Empire gained the language english, the sport cricket, the sport hockey, and the government structure.