In Humanities we made a Reneissance Building in Minecraft with our group. My group was Ayaka, Ayano and me. My group built the Tower of Pisa. And here is a video of a tour of our building:

Explaining Ratio

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What’s a Ratio??

A ratio is comparing a number to another.

We could use ratio in real life. For example, we could compare the people who are right-handed and left-handed. Let’s say that we ask 10 people if they are right-handed or left-handed, and 7 people say they are right-handed and 3 people say they are left-handed. If we want to show how many people are right-handed out of the 10 people, the ratio would be 7:3.

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In class we did an activity which uses ratio. We had to go around the school and find 4 different ratios by taking pictures of different classrooms such as japanese class, science class, 7th grade tutor class. Then we had to compare the number of classes to the other number of classes.

There were 4 science rooms, 6 japanese rooms, 3 7th grade tutor classes, and 2 spanish classrooms.

If we make a ratio of the number of science rooms and japanese rooms, it would be: 4:6 or 2:3. If we make a ratio of the number of 7th grade tutor classes and spanish classrooms, it would be: 3:2

Any problems?

We didn’t really have problems with finding and explaining ratios.

Tips for ratios

When you simplify the ratios, it is the same as fraction. For example if you want to simplify 3:9, you can think of it as 3/9 and simplify to 1/3 and change it to 1:3.





My Reflection of Semester 1 Math

In the first semester, I learnt some things in Math. One of the things I learned was how to use the spreadsheet and get the hypotenuse. I also learned how to get other answers(like squares, cubes, so on…). Also in math, we learned about Marine Tower. For example, I learned that Marine Tower is 106m, and it was built in 1961. Also we learned the distances between Marine Tower and other landmarks. Casino game was one of the things I learned too. I learned what it was like to play casino games, and strategies on how to get more tokens.

During math in the first semester, I mostly enjoyed going to the Marine Tower. I haven’t been there for a long time so so I was glad to go there again. Also, Mr. Fedley bought us icecream so it was really nice 🙂 It was also halloween that day so I went there with my costume and it was fun.

I didn’t really like the math video. I didn’t really like it because it was hard to make the story and connect with the Venn Diagram. But I liked working with my partner.:)

The work I was most proud of was the test which I got the highest marks. And that was the test about squares. I think I did a good job and I’m happy about it.

In the second semester, I want to learn more things and participate in disccusions. To achieve that, I will listen to the teacher carefully and share my ideas. Also I want to improve on percentages.