Partner Scene Reflection

Our first unit in Drama is ‘Being a Charater!’. We first discussed the question, ‘What makes a character?’ and the traits of characters such as stereotypes, status, attitude, motivation, physicality, vocal delivery, relationship groupings, and background. Then, we started to work on our Partner Scenes which was our first assessment. We first got into groups of pairs and decided on our character. My partner was Megumi.

First, my partner and I researched to get an idea of our characters, and to make sure our understanding of the vocabularies were fine. Then, we talked about the dialogue a little so that we could decide our characters. We planned the setting to be at a funeral, and our names, age, body shape, height weight, skin color, eye color, hair length/color, facial features, how my character dress, background, relationships like family, friends, significant others, strangers, attitude, motivation, personality, job, and more on the Character Identikit document. This document helped me remember what I should include in my skit and create a clear character.

As we practiced our skit, we got stuck with the change of status during the scenes. We wanted to make a clear change in the status, but we weren’t sure what we can do so we asked our teacher. After we discussed it with our teacher, we decided to change the plot since it was confusing. We also changed the setting and characters too. I think this made the status change clearer and the plot clearer.

During the skit, we had to express our character by showing the status, attitude, motivation, physicality, vocal delivery, relationship groupings, and background. I found this challenging because we weren’t able to say them directly in our words. I think my partner and I did pretty well on showing the status change and not smiling when we weren’t supposed to, but I thought I could have improved on my vocal delivery and staying in character for the whole scene. I didn’t change my voice much, and was distracted sometimes. I could have improved the skit, by making a bigger difference with the attitude. For example if I am happy at first but gets annoyed after,  I could change my tone and posture.

Overall, I have enjoyed this unit so far and learned about many things about ‘Being a Character’ such as stereotypes, status, and motivation. Before this unit, I didn’t know what stereotypes were and that how status and motivation can make a character but now I got to know more about it. It was interesting learning about how each traits can change the character but also challenging to express the traits without mentioning it.

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