Persuasive Speech Reflection

In Drama, we have been working on our persuasive speeches. We chose our own topic and made a speech for about 2 minutes. My topic was “Everyone should have social networks”. We focused on the structure, tone, posture, body gesture, modulation, and projection.

Clip #10 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I think my speech was fluent and well structured. Also, I think I did well on not having fillers such as “um…” or “like…”. However, I could have improved on speaking with enthusiasm, projection, and talking in a good pace.

I believe persuasive speeches are useful in our life and future. I think so because we could use a persuasive speech when I want to persuade or convince someone to do something or stop doing something. For example, I could use it to convince people to stop smoking. Persuasion is used in our daily lives as well, such as when we ask our parents to buy things for us.

During this unit, I learned many things and one of them was ‘how to prepare a speech’. First we planned our speech. We chose a topic, and then wrote down the audience and purpose of the speech. After that, we worked on our introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and conclusion. In the introduction, we learned that we should have a hook to catch the audience’s attention and state the topic clearly. In the body paragraphs, we gave reasons on why the audience should agree with the speaker. In the conclusion, we learned that we should briefly summarize what the speech was about, and leave a strong impression. An example was to end with a question which made the audience think. After planning, we wrote notes on cards to help ourselves when we presented our speech. Learning about how to prepare a speech is useful because it helps us present our speech well. This is important because it will help make the speech well organized, clear, fluent, and easy to understand which is helpful for the audience and the speaker as well.