Pop Song Reflection

In Koto, we created our own pop songs in groups. My group was Ayana, Megumi, and I. We chose our instruments to play in the song and as a result, Ayana and Megumi played the koto, and I played the piano. Megumi and I sang while we played our instruments. Here is our song, “Forever Together”:

First, we brainstormed ideas for the theme, and then chose one as a group. We decided to make our theme, ‘Relationships’. Our group took a lot of time doing this, because we weren’t really organized.  Next, we decided on the chords. We chose to use the B minor chord, G major chord, A major chord, and D major chord. Also, we decided to create our song in the B and D key. After that, we discussed about the story the song is trying to tell. Our story was about a woman who had a fight with her friend but reconciles at the end.  This helped us create the melody because we knew that we should have sections that are in a depressing and dark tone, but also sections that are in a happy tone from the story. We then decided on the structure. We decided to start our song from the Verse, and then the Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, and finished with the Chorus. Then, we finally worked on the lyrics. Ayana came up with the lyrics because Megumi and I created the music, and when we put the lyrics and music together, we changed some of the lyrics to match the music.

My role in my group was a follower at first because I mainly listened and followed my peers. However, I gradually began to speak a lot and shared ideas very often. Also, I led my group sometimes so at the end, I think I was more of a leader than a follower.

Although my group was not very organized at the beginning, we worked very well and used time effectively after the first few classes. We all came during recess or after school to work on our music.




Infomercial Reflection

In drama class, we have been working on our infomercials about an unique product. We created an infomercial in groups, and I was with Ayaka, Megumi, and Yuka. Our product was a hairspray which gives you magnetic powers. Here is our infomercial:

I think my personal barriers that keep me from being a better public speaker are becoming nervous and being shy, which are mental barriers. When I become nervous and shy, I tend to rush and look down. Also, these barriers can stop me from modulating my voice, and using different tone to emphasize words and phrases which are important to keep the readers interested. However, I think I am improving because before, I used to talk in monotone and use fillers a lot, but now I am starting to use body gestures, modulation, and eye-contact. I also use less fillers now too.

I can be a better public speaker by practicing until I feel very confident and comfortable presenting in front of a big crowd. Also, understanding the topic well and remembering the points will help me when I get lost or confused because if I know what I need to say, I can figure out how and where I can continue without any problems. This will help me gain confidence as well.





Comparing books and films: The Outsiders

In English class, we read a book called “The Outsiders”, and then saw the film as well. By reading and watching “The Outsiders”, we found some differences between the book and film.


In the book, most of the characters are described in Ponyboy’s narration and there are more fights than the film. Also, Sodapop is described as an important character. However in the film, there are less fights, and some scenes are emphasized, changed, or cut out. For example, Dally’s death is shown in detail in the film, but isn’t explained in detail in the book. Another example is when Ponyboy comes home late. Although the book says Darry slaps Ponyboy, Darry pushes Ponyboy against the wall instead in the film.

I think the book is more descriptive, and it gives us a better vocabulary and understanding of words. Films have a time limit so some scenes need to be cut out, but books don’t. Also, books make the readers imagine what the scene is like or what the character looks like.

On the other hand, I think the film makes it easier to visualize for the readers, and the mood can be strengthened with sound, special FX, lighting, and other techniques. This can help us understand the story better and easier, and also help us understand the emotions of characters.

Overall, I enjoyed both, the book and film, but I prefer the book because it gives us more details, and it makes us think more. Although the film is easier to understand since it is quite straightforward, I found it more interesting to imagine the characters and story.