Infomercial Reflection

In drama class, we have been working on our infomercials about an unique product. We created an infomercial in groups, and I was with Ayaka, Megumi, and Yuka. Our product was a hairspray which gives you magnetic powers. Here is our infomercial:

I think my personal barriers that keep me from being a better public speaker are becoming nervous and being shy, which are mental barriers. When I become nervous and shy, I tend to rush and look down. Also, these barriers can stop me from modulating my voice, and using different tone to emphasize words and phrases which are important to keep the readers interested. However, I think I am improving because before, I used to talk in monotone and use fillers a lot, but now I am starting to use body gestures, modulation, and eye-contact. I also use less fillers now too.

I can be a better public speaker by practicing until I feel very confident and comfortable presenting in front of a big crowd. Also, understanding the topic well and remembering the points will help me when I get lost or confused because if I know what I need to say, I can figure out how and where I can continue without any problems. This will help me gain confidence as well.





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