Hikaru Umi Reflection

Yesterday, we had the middle school spring concert. The 8th graders played a piece called “Hikaru Umi(光る海)” by Hikaru Sawai which we had been practicing for 3 months. I didn’t practice much at home for the first 2 months but I started practicing more frequently around the last 2 weeks of the performance. Other than practicing at home, I practiced during lunch recess, before school, and after school a several times. I think I should have practiced more from the start because this would have given me more time to look at all the details such as dynamics which would have made our performance better. Also, since I started practicing frequently after 2 months, I had the piece memorized a few days before the concert.

This made me feel nervous during the performance and I think it also made me rush. However, I think our performance went pretty good than our practices although we rushed quite a lot because we had less mistakes and we were being careful of the dynamics. We all had fun performing the piece as a group too. I was able to play the piece without forgetting it and hardly made mistakes. The technique that I had difficulty with was presses. It was hard to press the strings in the right strength so that I didn’t make a different sound. The transitions between the presses were challenging too since I had to pay attention to both hands.

If I was to give myself a score out of 10, it would be 7 because I hardly made mistakes but rushed which made us play faster than it should have been. Also, I think I was synchronized with my peers but at the same time, I could have played some parts better. Overall, I learned that to play well as a group, we should listen to each other carefully and communicate well. This would help us play in a good speed, and synchronize with each other. Also, I learned that even 1 time of practice can make a difference. For example when I practiced after school, I was able to play some sections more smoothly at the end of the practice even though I wasn’t able to at the start of the practice. From this experience, this made me think that I should and want to really start to practice frequently from the beginning because this will greatly improve my performance.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing the piece “Hikaru Umi” as a group and I learned some important things from this experience. It is sad that this was the last koto performance for some people, but we all had fun and I think  it became a memorable day for us. 😀