Clouds for Alma – Process/Practice Journal (Before break)

Goals for my three areas of focus

Section 1: My goal for section 1 (3rd movement line 8~ line 13) is to be able to play the correct strings in a steady rhythm, since I sometimes play the wrong strings especially when we change to a different pattern, and rush or play strings a little too late especially when I play ‘十’ repeatedly. I will work on them by being prepared for the next note by looking ahead or keeping in mind about the next note, and practice playing in a steady tempo throughout the section by playing along with the recording.

Section 2: My goal for section 2 (4th movement column 2) is to be able to play ‘八斗’ clearly in a steady pace and get the timing right for the other notes because I easily get faster or slower. This will help me play well as a group since we can synchronize which will make the piece sound nicely. I will work on them by listening to my peers, using the metronome while making sure that I am not rushing or being too slow, and also by practicing ‘八斗’ regularly.

Section 3: My goal for section 3 (4th movementcolumn 2) is to play all the strings clearly and correctly and to move to different patterns in a good flow without taking time between each patterns, since I often play ‘八斗’ in an inconsistent rhythm and stop between each patterns for preparation. I will work on them by practicing ‘八斗’ regularly like section 2, learning the patterns carefully, and making sure to play the strings clearly by not touching the unused strings.

Spanish – What am I most proud of?

Throughout this semester, I have expanded my vocabulary, expressions, and transitions which I have been trying to consistently use in my work by taking notes and using them in sentences. Although I still struggle with it sometimes, I also learned how to conjugate verbs into different tenses such as preterite and imperfect, which was one of my weaknesses last year. This has improved my fluency and understanding, and has helped me create a variety of text using my own knowledge, which led me to achieve good grades. Compared to last year, I feel more confident about producing text and understanding what people are saying or what I am reading. I also spent more time on my assignments to produce them to a high quality, and included at least one new vocabulary I learned in order to expand my vocabulary further.

Another skill I improved during this semester is organization. Since there were many more assignments, homework, and things to learn than last year, I had to have a good time management and concentration, and work efficiently and productively in class and at home in order to produce high quality of work and master things quickly. I took notes when I heard something new or useful, recorded my homework on my computer, and listened carefully to what the teacher said so that I didn’t miss something important. Therefore, I think I developed better study habits which I believe it will benefit me in the future and in other classes as well.


Why didn’t they help? – Bystander Effect

On February 2, 2005, Matthew Carrington, a 21 year old university student, died from water intoxication in a hazing accident. He was doused with excessive amounts of water by his 4 fraternity brothers and was made to do calisthenics while standing on one foot on top of a bench. He collapsed due to hypothermia, which is the condition of having an extremely low body temperature, and then past away due to water intoxication as his brain swelled. Although the 4 brothers had a choice to immediately call an ambulance or call for help, they decided not to because of the bystander effect.

I believe that the 4 fraternity brothers were influenced by ‘social influence’, and ‘inhibition’. Although one of them tried to call the ambulance, he got influenced by the other boy who said he was just asleep and was convinced that there was no need to call for help. This is because people have the tendency to follow what people around them are doing instead of thinking carefully about their own decisions, and they also feel safer and reassured. I think the act of making Matthew Carrington drink large amounts of water until he collapsed also relates to the bystander effect because even though they could have prevented this accident if one of the boys had said to the other 3 that they should stop, no one took action and instead, they kept quiet and followed other people since they were scared about how their brothers might think of them negatively, or not being able to ‘fit in’ well.