Clouds for Alma – Process/Practice Journal (Before break)

Goals for my three areas of focus

Section 1: My goal for section 1 (3rd movement line 8~ line 13) is to be able to play the correct strings in a steady rhythm, since I sometimes play the wrong strings especially when we change to a different pattern, and rush or play strings a little too late especially when I play ‘十’ repeatedly. I will work on them by being prepared for the next note by looking ahead or keeping in mind about the next note, and practice playing in a steady tempo throughout the section by playing along with the recording.

Section 2: My goal for section 2 (4th movement column 2) is to be able to play ‘八斗’ clearly in a steady pace and get the timing right for the other notes because I easily get faster or slower. This will help me play well as a group since we can synchronize which will make the piece sound nicely. I will work on them by listening to my peers, using the metronome while making sure that I am not rushing or being too slow, and also by practicing ‘八斗’ regularly.

Section 3: My goal for section 3 (4th movementcolumn 2) is to play all the strings clearly and correctly and to move to different patterns in a good flow without taking time between each patterns, since I often play ‘八斗’ in an inconsistent rhythm and stop between each patterns for preparation. I will work on them by practicing ‘八斗’ regularly like section 2, learning the patterns carefully, and making sure to play the strings clearly by not touching the unused strings.

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