Reflection of Unit 3 ‘Una leyenda mexicana’

Throughout this unit, we have been studying about the cultural stories and legends in addition to 3 different past tenses. I learned about cultural legends/stories that I did not know before, new vocabularies, expressions, conjugations, use of tenses such as the use of imperfect and present perfect, when to use ‘ser’ or ‘estar’, and how to change verbs to past participles. However, I still struggle sometimes especially with conjugating, using imperfect and preterite tense, and using ‘ser’ and ‘estar’.

One of the study habits that was helpful for me was being organized. I organized the same type of words in the same section in my notes and added a title for each of the group of words. For example, I noted the transitions and expressions on the same page so that I would be able to find and use them easily. This helped me achieve a good score in some tasks since I was able to include various transitions by looking at my notes. In addition, the cheat sheet I made was very helpful because it focused on the information that I especially needed and additionally, it helped me use time efficiently since I did not have to turn the page over a multiple of times and find the information I needed.

One question I have about the unit is “How can cultures or beliefs be reflected in the legends or stories?”

My goals for next unit are to understand the use of different tenses better, to be able to conjugate any verbs correctly, to be able to comprehend speech (such as in listening tasks) easily, to speak with fluency and good pronunciation, and to be able to improvise text or speech without many mistakes.


One thought on “Reflection of Unit 3 ‘Una leyenda mexicana’

  1. Glad to hear that organizing your notes and information by categories is helping you learn the material better. I think that beliefs are reflected in legends by learning what traits are valued in that culture. We will do more practice on ser and estar and those are hard so it won’t be something you will master until much later.

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