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                       Juliet Capulet relaxing at her garden
If anyone in the city is asked about the most popular topic discussed today, probably many will answer, “The rumor between Juliet Capulet and Romeo Montague”. Surprisingly, this week, we were able to get an exclusive interview with Juliet Capulet and catch up with her. 

You’re from Verona’s richest family. What’s nice about being rich ? 
Hm…Eating delicious food and sleeping in a big bed are always the best. Our servants are kind too and they do a lot for us like doing chores and taking care of us. Someone’s always there to keep me company as well.  

Do you ever wish you were born in a normal family? If so, when?
Yeah, I’ve wished I was born in a normal family numerous times. Like for example, I wasn’t able to make any close friends because my parents would only allow me to associate with people they approve. 

Who are you most close with?
I’m super close with the Nurse because I’ve known her for ages since she’s been taking care of me from when I was a baby. She always understands my problems and she’s an important, irreplaceable person to me.

I think everyone is curious about the truth of the rumor between you and Romeo, but would you mind telling us about it?
Umm…sure, just a little. Hmm… where should I start. The rumor is true and we are going out. When we first met, we didn’t know about our families yet. Romeo affectionately approached me and we secretly met a couple of times after that. This is kind of embarrassing haha.

I’m sure every girl in Verona thinks of Paris as her ideal man because of his hot face and personality, but why wasn’t he your man?
Well, he is certainly handsome and nice. But it just didn’t feel right for me and I felt more comfortable with Romeo. I can’t think of anyone else other than him.

How did you feel when you first knew Romeo was a part of the “other” family?
I was really shocked and worried because it was when our families were especially not getting along well. I felt unsure about continuing our relationship at the beginning, but we both couldn’t help meeting each other and as a result, it deepened our love. Now that I think of it, I feel like the fact that I don’t have a strong sense of ‘enemy’ towards the Montagues since I’m usually not involved in fights, led to us ending up like this. 

I could imagine Lord Capulet’s opposition, but weren’t you scared about your father’s opposal or with your father’s ‘ideal’?
Actually, I haven’t told him about our relationship yet. But even if I had, I think I would’ve been worried about how being in the ‘other’ family will affect Romeo’s feelings towards me, more than being scared. However, I would’ve probably been crossing my fingers haha. 

Didn’t you feel mad at Romeo when you heard that Romeo killed your cousin Tybalt? Did that affect your feelings towards Romeo?
Surprisingly, I didn’t feel angry towards Romeo but I was very confused and upset. My feelings kind of wavered, but I believed in Romeo more than that. I believe that fate brought us together again.

What made you want to get in a relationship with Romeo despite the opposition or the fact that Romeo killed your cousin?
Hmm… He always makes me happy and makes me forget about bad stuff like restrictions and problems. I always have a lot of fun with him and time always fly by! Haha I’d love to spend my life with him even if I had to abandon my status.

“My only love sprung from my only hate.”

How did your view of the Montague family change between before you met Romeo and after you met Romeo?
Even though I used to think about the Montague family as our nemesis, the thought of ‘enemy’ somewhat faded. I felt the need of fixing the relationship between our families so that Romeo and I can boldly announce our relationship and be acknowledged. Haha, sounds like a long way though!

What kind of family do you hope to build?
I want to build a family that everyone in the family can be themselves and feel comfortable. I want home to be where they’ll look forward to coming back home every day.

Last but not least, I believe that there are many people in the world who are experiencing similar problems as you. Can you give them any advice?
Yeah of course! I’d say, follow your heart without getting intimidated by your surroundings because look at me. I’m very happy spending time with who I love.

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