Spanish – Unit 1 Reflection

Throughout this unit, we learned about hispanic art including different forms of art and their purpose and effects. We also went through the use of different tenses such as the imperfect and preterite and learned new expressions and unit vocabularies as well. I feel satisfied with my results and feel that I was able to expand my knowledge and improve my Spanish skills.

I think that my strength is using unit vocabulary and a variety of transitions in my work, which connects to doing well in my writing assessments. Trying to use new vocabularies and transitions help me memorize them, which I think leads to being able to use them for the upcoming assignments or understanding texts better. This also helps me do well in reading assessments since it helps me comprehend the text and answer questions with connections with the text. However, I feel that I still need to improve on grammar, such as the subject verb agreement and making sure the pronouns are correctly in the mascuine/feminine form, and making connections with the text when answering questions for reading assessments. Additionally, I think that my weaknesses are listening and speaking (oral). I find it challenging to comprehend what the speaker is saying right away and to follow along. I also sometimes mishear words as well. Furthermore, when I speak, I often get stuck or cannot come up with the word or expression that I am thinking of using.

Firstly, to reduce my grammar mistakes, I would like to proof read a couple of time after I finish my work such as to make sure that the subject and verb match and the pronouns are placed correctly. Additionally, to improve my listening skills, I would like to try to listen to audio, such as videos, radio, TV shows, and audio on the online Spanish textbook, more often, and additionally, more than trying to translate Spanish to English, I would like to be able to understand it right away without thinking much like I usually do with my native languages. Moreover, to improve my speaking skills, I would like to be able to conjugate verbs fluently and expand my vocabularies and expressions so that I can talk about a wider variety of things. Additionally, similar to listening, I would like to avoid translating what I want to say from English to Spanish when I speak as well.

My goal for the rest of semester one is to consistently review my notes and to keep on improving such as by expanding my vocabulary and using resources such as Quizlet and Colby.

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