Spanish – Unit 2 Reflection

A metaphor and a simile to describe the subjunctive and/or the imperative:

The subjunctive is the imperative without positivity.

The subjunctive is like a little girl on Christmas, waiting for Santa.

The imperative is the eagerness and desire.

The imperative is like a stressed teacher, leader, or parent.

How is what you have learned relevant to other classes/material you are learning?

This unit, our topic was on beauty and appearances. For example, we talked about how social media affects our standards of beauty and the elements that can influence our appearances and standards. This was relevant to what I learned and did in Design class. In Design, we designed upcycled products, and we researched about the trends and learned how that can affect our appearances and fashion. This was similar because, in both classes, we talked about how trends and medias can affect our appearances, including our fashion. Additionally, in Individuals and Societies class, we learned about how the environment can influence us very much. This was also similar to what I learned in Spanish because I learned about how we can get influenced by social medias and people around us, including our peers, in Spanish.

Write a headline of no more than 10 words to summarize your learning this unit:

Extended my knowledge of subjunctive, unit vocabularies, and expressions

Make a wordle or mind map of your learning:

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