Spanish – Phase 4 Reflection

What am I most proud of?
I am most proud of the knowledge I gained, including new vocabularies, expressions, and grammar such as the subjunctive. This allowed me to write and talk about a wide range of topics with less difficulty. Additionally, I am also very proud of the grades I achieved because they were consistent, even for my listening and reading tests, which I am not very confident in.

Do I consider myself a Spanish-speaker? Why or why not?
Although I strongly feel that I have improved on my Spanish skills, I think that I lack my oral skills and listening skills to consider myself as a Spanish-speaker. Therefore, I would like to listen to audios, such as music, in Spanish during the break so that I can improve on them.

What would I do differently if I could do the course again?
When I complete assessments, I would make sure that the adjectives match the noun (adjective noun agreement) since this was one of the things that I often had mistakes on. Additionally, I would also listen to audios in Spanish more often to be able to comprehend what the speaker is saying.

What are three concrete actions I can take to ensure that I am prepared for Spanish B next year?
1. Review vocab and conjugations regularly during the break
2. Read texts in Spanish and expand on my vocab during the break
3. Listen to audios in Spanish during the break


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