Movie Angle Shots!!

In English, we started a Film Study unit. We discussed about “Reading” or Interpreting. We discussed what interpreting means, trying to understand, predicting, and questioning. Also we talked about how images interpret to text and manga. Also, we discussed the types of angles in movies or films.

And today we took pictures at the roof in groups. I was with Emily and Joi. We had to take it using the angles. Some of the angles are Low angles shots, High angle shots, Long shots/Wide angle shots, Medium shots, Close-up shots, point of view shots, bird’s eye view shots/over head shots, over the shoulder shots. These are the pictures my group took:


This is an example of a Low angle shot. Joi (the boy in this pic) is standing on a table and we are taking it from a low position. It makes him look like he is in a higher position than you and is looking down at you.


This photo is taken using the bird’s eye view shot. You could see all the playground which is very big. When you use this angle, you could show large areas.


This is an example of a shot of a low angle shot. It shows the audience that I (the person in front) am jumping higher than the person in the back. It can be used in action movies.

From this project, I learned that there are a lot of camera techniques to make someone look strong, and powerful, and to make people look like a boss and in a higher position. I learned that angles can show a lot of things.

See, Think, Wonder

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by @Doug88888


I see a pink flower with orange in the middle. This is the only flower that is zoomed in and is clear. There are many pink and white small petals. The background is dark green.


I think this flower is pretty and I want to see it someday. Also, I think this photo is taken in the mountain, woods, or forests. The orange thing in the middle looks like sea urchin. 


I wonder… When was it taken? What is the flower called? Where was it token? Where can I find it? Who took this photo?

My Headline: 

New Plant Eating Flower Discovered in Mt. Fuji



Greek and Roman Gods

Roman and Greek Gods

There are many Greek and Roman Gods, and one of the Greek Gods is Jupiter/Zeus. According to the Roman myths, he was the god of sky and thunder. His skill (identifying implement) was thunderbolt. His dad was Saturn and he had two brothers and three sisters including Neptune/Poseidon and Pluto/Hades. They divided the world between themselves, and Jupiter took all of the heavens, Neptune took the sea, and Pluto took the underworld. Jupiter had more powers than anyone. He could throw his voice, and make it sound like anybody and also he could change shape and look like anybody. He was very good at changing his shape that he could change into the form of an animal. Also, he could throw lightning bolts and his flying horse, Pegasus carried them for him. He wasn’t afraid of anything except for his wife, Juno.

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by thisisbossi



Another of the Roman Gods, is Mercury/Hermes. He was the youngest son of Jupiter and Juno. Jupiter liked him so much. Mercury was very clever and was able to solve problems in unexpected situations, so  Jupiter wanted him to have an important job in the world.  So Mercury got to be the god of finance, commerce, travel, communication, and thievery. Also, he was the guide of the souls in the underworld.

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by mharrsch



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The Big Reflection -HOLES

In English, we have been reading a book called ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar from September.

This book is about a boy called Stanley Yelnats going to Camp Green Lake. One day, Stanley got caught for stealing Clyde Livingston’s shoes. He blamed all the bad things to his great-great granfather. At Camp Green Lake, they need to dig holes until they get out of the camp green lake. As he dig, he finds out the secret of his great-grandfather and the warden. If you want to know more… go ahead, and read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we were reading the book, our group worked on making connections between the characters. During the presentation we did, we connected to each other by using comparison words which went really good. We made connections between the book and the film.

I think our group was organized half way through because on the other half, we were a little rushing because we didn’t finish the presentation and didn’t know what slide each of us are going to say. We want to improve by making time to practice more and put more effort on slides and put more details to it.

During the presentation, our group used these comparison words: However, Also, In addition, On the other hand, (plus), and Like.

Our group presented some of the quotations in the book and connected to the film. We talked what was the same/similar and how we know that. We also talked about the film technique ‘montage’.

Our presentation was not too long and not to short so I think the audience were listening to us and also they were looking at us, so we could tell that they were listening.

We talked about our presentation for 5 minutes. I think we had enough details. Each of us talked quite well balanced so I think it went really good.