Presenting our Skits!!! (Day4)

We practiced our skits before dinner about an hour. We had to use the word “Sky” in it. My skit was about imagination. My group(roommates) couldn’t really practice because we couldn’t stop laughing when something happened. We fixed some parts that were weird or boring and made it funnier. Then we went down and ate our dinner. It was really yummy.We packed our bags after everyone ate the dinner. When me and my roommates went to our room, we forgot about packing our bags and practiced our skit. After a while, my friend realized we needed to pack our bags. We packed our bags in a hurry. Unluckily, the teacher came to our room before we finished so we were like “Oh my gosh… what should we do!” I opened the door and the teacher came in. Then the teacher said “its ok” so we felt relieved. We did games and practiced our skit again until it was time to gather downstairs. We had to perform our skits. 😛  We were the second last group to perform. When we finished the half of the groups, we had a break time and ate snacks like potato chips, and drinks. Then we had a game that we had to answer questions in groups and get points. My group won and we got a snack called “pai no mi(パイの実)” After that, we performed our skit. I was kind of nervous and very excited. People laughed at our skit and it was awesome. There was a part that a nerd comes out and tells the definition of imagination but she forgot to go so we laughed so hard. I couldn’t stop laughing because it was so funny!!!

This is our group’s skit! Please Enjoy 🙂

Rock-Climbing Challenge

On the 4th day, we went rock-climbing. The rock-climbing was really challenging but exciting. We went by bus to the rock-climbing place. There were 5 courses and there was the easiest one to the hardest one. I did the third hardest one. We put on helmets and life belts so that it will be ok even we put our hands off the rock or lose balance. I did rock-climbing before but it wasn’t that big. This one was huge!! When I got to 6m, my hands hurt so I couldn’t go to the top. Some of the people went to the top on the one I did, and harder ones. They were really cool. I watched other people do it and talked with my friends. After everyone had more than a turn, we went back to our hotel. Rock-climbing was harder than I thought was really fun. I want to rock-climb again and try to go to the top.



Hiking :) (Day 4)

On Day 4, we hiked a mountain. We rode on the bus to go to the starting point and started. On the front, there were 2 dogs, Teddy and Sky. Sky was Teddy’s mom. The day before was rainy so it was really slippery. I tried to not slip but it was challenging. Some parts were muddy and some were rocky. The rocky places were kind of scary because most of the rocks were slippery, and I lost balance a lot. The most challenging part was a place that was so muddy and slippery but also didn’t have place to walk normally. There was a rope on a tree so we hold the rope and carefully got to the other end. We climbed about 5 hours. In the middle, we took a lunch break and ate lunch. Lunch was curry, salad and cinnamon tea. It was really good. Some of the people who finished eating, rode on a raft made out of logs. It was funny and surprising when a boy and a girl started to sink. After about a minute, some boys started to fall off too. After we rested, we started walking again. The nature was really beautiful and it felt great. We went to the top of the mountain and then back down. My legs were tired but it was really fun. My trousers were very dirty after the hiking. It felt good when I finished hiking and I thought “Yey! That was cool!!”. I felt a sense of achievement. We went back to our hotel by bus and went to our rooms after that and played games.

Learner Profile: Knowlegeble- I was knowledgeble because I knew it was going to be slippery and I wore waterproof pants that is ok to get dirty. I also didn’t put many things in my bag because it will be heavy.


My Favorite Activities!! (Day 2)

My most favorite day the 2nd day. We did mountain biking and canoeing in 2 groups. My group did mountain biking first. First, we put on the blue helmets and then chose our bikes. Mine was green and had a gold seat. It was my first time to go mountain biking. It was kind of hard to get used to the gears at first, but I got used it and it helped me a lot on the hills. The most challenging type of road was the rocky road. It was really bumpy and I tripped. Especially, when we were going down the hill, it was really hard and I tripped many times. I thought “OMG rocky places are so hard!!” We biked in the nature and it was really nice. There were flowers in some places and many green trees. I also saw mountains and lakes in Hakuba. The best part was going down hills in fast speed after going up hills. The wind felt really good and it was so fun. At first, I hesitated to go fast but I soon got used to it and went down hills faster than the start. I liked the smooth roads because it was easy to control and I was able to speed up. When we were going back to the camping place, some people and I rode our bikes really fast. When we were almost there, a boy infront of me fell. I suddenly pushed the brake so my bike floated and I fell too. I landed on my knees and hands so it hurt really much but it wasn’t that bad so I continued to go on. It was a surprising experience for me but it was so fun.

After all the 6th graders came back, we ate lunch. Then, my group went to go canoeing. We first learned how to go forward, backward, and turn. Then we got into groups of 3 and rode on the boat. My group was Eileen and Hye-won. We had to follow the Evergreen people. It was hard to go straight and turn so it took time but we were able to follow them. My group’s boat bumped into many boats so sometimes it was a little hard to make the boat balanced. Next time, I want to go mountain biking and canoeing again with my family or my friends.

Learner Profile: Caring- I was caring because I said “Are you ok?” to my friends when they got hurt.

This is a picture of me and my friends finished putting on helmets and waiting to get our bikes.

Looking Forward to Field Studies

Next week, we are going to Hakuba that is in Nagano. We are going to stay there from October 15th to October 20th. I am very excited, looking forward, and interested about many things in Field Studies. I am very excited to go on the hot air balloon because it is my first time and I can ride on it with my friends. It looks fun and I really want to try riding on that. Also, I am excited about canoeing. I did canoeing before so I am a little confident and really excited. I am also interested in rock climbing. I am not really good at it but I want to try going as high as I can. I hope I can go to the top. The thing I am a little worried is about camping outside because I don’t have much experience of it and it is my first time to camp without my parents. I wonder how it is like in the night and if I can sleep.


This is the hotel we are going to stay at.