Story of Yokohama

In humanities class, we made a pecha-kucha style presentation on our own research question that relates to the history/story of Yokohama. My research question was “How did western food come to Yokohama?”.


This is my presentation that I created. ↓

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As soon as Yokohama Port opened, the city was quick to accept foreign food culture. 

At the beginning of the Meiji Restoration, the Meiji Emperor stated Western ideas for Japan’s future progress, and as part of the reformations, he lifted the ban on red meat.

 One of the japanese-style western dishes, Napolitan has its roots in Yokohama. The chef of the Hotel New Grand in Yokohama, Shigetada Irie invented it because of requests from overseas guests to make a spaghetti dish that uses tomato ketchup. Icecream was also born in Yokohama.

When Yokohama’s port opened to the outside world, local farmers began harvesting cabbages, tomatoes, and onions and raising livestock to feed the population of Westerners living in the city’s foreign settlement. These new ingredients supported Yokohama for the emergence of yoshoku, or Japanese-style Western dishes.

In about 1859, the Japanese had no knowledge about western languages or business customs, but the Chinese settlers played an important role in trade between Japan and the western countries, and this let them to create the current city we see today.

 I thought the pecha-kucha style presentation was interesting but also challenging because I had to include what I really need to say in the short amount of time.



In Humanities we made a Reneissance Building in Minecraft with our group. My group was Ayaka, Ayano and me. My group built the Tower of Pisa. And here is a video of a tour of our building:

Leonardo Da Vinci Comic book

In humanities we made a comic book about a Renaissance man/woman. I made one of Leonardo Da Vinci, and here is my comic book:

You could also access to my comic book here:

My Reflection:

Leonardo Da Vinci changed the world by his own but also he had support. For example, he raised by his dad and got support. I think he changed the world himself because he drew the portraits by himself taking time and effort. For example for Mona Lisa, he spent more than 15 years to paint it. But some people might think he didn’t change the world by himself. They might think so because he got help from people and maybe they’ll think he got ideas from people. I think Da Vinci was great because of his skills and artwork. But I think it was also because of the time. A long time ago, they weren’t much tools to use so it was quite limited. But now there is a lot compared to the older days so I think it was because of that too. Also, the place was good for him because the people around there liked his artwork, but people from other places might have not liked it. So I think that affected too.

What happens when one country controls another?

When one country controls the another, they will get bigger, and get more resources. Also they would have more land and and the population would increase. They would also have bigger armies so they would be able to win wars more.

For example the British Empire occupied a quarter of the earth’s surface by colonizing other countries. Also the British got resources like cotton, cloth, and silver from India. They also got information about new technologies.

The positive effects of colonizers are that they could get more: land, resources, and food

The negative effects of colonizers are that they will have: more people to feed, more land to manage, and more areas to protect

The positive effects of the colonized country are: having chance of getting food, and having chance of getting better rights

The negative effects of the colonized country are that they might become slaves
Another example is that the Indian Empire gained the language english, the sport cricket, the sport hockey, and the government structure.