Comparing Levels of Development

In Individual & Societies, we have been learning about development in countries. In class today, we compared and contrasted the level of development of two countries of our choice and changes that happen over time using a site called ‘’. I chose Japan and United States.

United States and have a similar population growth. I think this is because they are both MEDCs (More Economically Developed Countries) and have a steady birth rate. The infant mortality rate in both countries decreased throughout the years, but Japan has a longer life expectancy comparing to the United States. I think this happened because the United States consume more calories per day than Japan. In 2007, the average calories per day for people in United States were 3,748 calories. For Japan, it was 2,812 calories per day. Also in 2004, people in the United States consumed 192g of sugar per day, and people in Japan consumed 77g per day. I thought this was one of reasons why United States have a shorter life expectancy compared to Japan, because eating too much, or taking too much sugar can affect people’s health.

By looking at the development of countries, I saw many similarities but more differences between countries. Some countries changed a lot and developed faster than other countries. I thought this was very interesting, and would like to learn more about it.