Spring Concert -Chu Chu Reflection

On May 30th, we had our spring concert in the school auditorium. We played a piece called “Chu Chu” on the koto. We worked on this piece for a few months. This is a video of me playing a part of Chu-chu.

When I practiced at home, I tried to focus on the dynamics, and playing it smooth. I also made sure that I didn’t touch the different strings too. During the practice in class, I learned that I should listen to my peers when I play to play the piece without getting too fast or slow. Also, I focused on the dynamics too.

I think I did quite well in the actual performance because I didn’t forget the piece and didn’t make many mistakes. Also, I think I did quite good on dynamics because I tried to play soft where it’s piano(soft), and hard where it’s forte(hard). But I think we all rushed especially in the easier parts. I would practice more next time so that I could have more time on memorizing the piece. Also, I would use the metronome when I practice too. I would rate myself: 8/10.


Canon in D by Pachelbel on Koto

In Koto, we have been working on playing a non-Japanese melody that we each picked. I chose a piece called Canon and here is a video of me playing a page:

It was challenging to make the tuning myself because there were more than 13 notes and the koto has 13 strings. So I had to use presses and change some parts.

Koto Chu-Chu 宙々

In Koto, we have been practicing a piece called Chu-chu.

I think I’m improving comparing to the start like dynamics and the flow. Now I think I am playing it quite smoothly but I think I could still make it better. I need to work on using my pics correctly like playing the strings from the side and also not making a buzzing sound. I also think I need to work on playing the notes accurately without playing the wrong note.

Yurikago no Uta Koto

In Koto class, we’ve been working on the pieces called Akatombo, Yurikago no Uta, and Yuuhi. And this is me playing a part of Yurikago no Uta.

I thought I improved quite a lot comparing to the beginning but I still have a lot to improve on.
To play it better, I thought I should work on playing it smoothly and accurately. Also, I have to be careful with the speed because sometimes I get too fast.