What components should I improve on?

I think I should improve on flexibility, muscular strength, cardio vascular endurance and body composition because I do ballet. Flexibility is important in ballet because we have to do splits, split jump, put our legs high up and more. It looks better when you are very flexible.  Also, I think I should improve on muscular strength because there are a lot of jumping in ballet and we need power to jump high and continue. I think cardio vascular endurance is important because when you dance long, you can use up your energy and you will have a hard time. Also, I think body composition is important because when you are too fat, it would be hard to move and you can’t move smoothly so I won’t look good. If you are fat, it will be harder to do stretches, putting your legs high up jumping. It would take a lot of energy.


P.E. the First Chapter

In P.E., we have been working on the unit volleyball and also we finished the unit of Fitness, and Soccer. In the unit Fitness, I learned what is fit, cardio-vascular endurance, flexibility, body composition, and muscle strength  and about muscles we use. Fit means to be healthy and can move your body. We did tests like sit-up test, flexibility test, jumping test to know what we are good at and what we need to improve on. I thought I did a good job on the flexibility test. I thought I needed to improve on the push-up and sit-up. We also ran in the park for 12 minutes and tested how many laps we could do. I ran 2100 m which was 10.5 laps and I thought I did a good job. In the unit Soccer, I learned the positions and skills we can use in a game. I thought improved on defending. In the unit Volleyball, I learned to do a spike and to communicate. I did volleyball for a short time so I knew how to do serves, set, and dig but I learned the tips to do these so that I can do it better. Before, I used to not communicate but now I communicate with my teammates so that we know who is going to get the ball and also I learned to encourage my teammates too. I think I am good at digging. I think I need to improve on spiking and serving because when I tried to serve, sometimes it didn’t go over the net so I want to make my serves better.

P.E. essay

We learned about what is fit, cardio-vascular endurance, flexibility, body composition, and muscle strength in P.E. Fit means that you can move your body like doing sports and healthy. For example, I do sports like volleyball and practice it twice a week. Also, I run in the park with my sister and get exercise. To run long distances, our Cardio-vascular endurance needs to be strong. Cardio-vascular endurance is how strong your heart is. It can potentially make you live more and makes you keep energy and stamina. You can test your cardio-vascular endurance by running 12 minutes. For example, you can run as many laps as you can by 12 minutes in a park and  measure your distance and see if you are under average, normal, or over the average.  I learned that flexibility is how much you are flexible. Flexible means that you are not stiff like being able to do splits. I think I am flexible because I do ballet, splits, and put my legs up high. You can test your flexibility by touching your feet and putting your hands as far as you can. I also learned about muscular strength too. It is about how strong your muscles are. You can test your muscles by doing sit-ups, and push-ups. Also, you can try to lift dumbbells and try heavier ones after you get comfortable with the ones you are doing right now.

In many kinds of sports, we need cardio-vascular endurance, flexibility, and muscular strength. Cross country, basketball, and swimming are some examples that need cardio-vascular endurance. In these sports, we use our leg muscles. For cross country and basketball, we need to run. We can shoot more goals in basketball and run faster in crosscountry, and swim long distance without getting so tired in swimming. Some sports that need flexibility are ballet, gymnastics, and cheerleading. We need to be flexible to do skills like doing splits while jumping and put our legs up high. I think it can prevent injuries so we won’t get big injuries than stiff people. One example of a sport that need muscular strength is weight lifting. You have to build up your body and have strong muscles. If we have strong muscles, we can carry heavy things and be helpful. As you can see, there are many sports that need the four things.

The reasons you should test your fitness is because you can set goals and improve on things that you are not really good at. I set one goal for cross-country. My goal was not to stop running even I am tired. The another goal was to be able to do 10 push-ups in a row. I always get tired before doing 10 so I want to be able to do it. My third one is to be able to swim 100m without getting tired. I was able to do 100m before but I got really tired and it was quite a long time ago so I want to be able to swim not getting tired and have a lot of energy left.

When I did the tests in P.E., I thought I was good at flexibility and cardio-vascular endurance. I thought I needed to improve on my muscular strength because I couldn’t do real push-ups and I had a hard time doing the push-ups and sit-ups. Now, I know what I need to work on so I will try to do at least 1 minute of push-ups and sit-ups everyday.

YIS Fitness Testing

I think we should test our fitness to know what we are good at and what we need to work on. Also, we can set goals to improve our weakness.

For the sit-up test, I got 24 sit-ups in one minute.

For the flexibility test, I got 43 centimeters.

For the jumping test, I got 34 centimeters.

For the burpee test, I got 28 burpees.

For the push-up test, I got 35 push-ups in one minute.

My height was 157cm.

My BMI was underweight.


Cooper Test for Cardio vascular (P.E.)

We went to a park for a cooper test for cardio vascular. We ran many laps as we can. I ran 10.5 laps. 1 lap was 200m so the distance I ran was 2100m. I was really tired from the 8th lap. I thought I did a good job because I didn’t really walk and I didn’t stop.  I was over the average for the 12 years old.