How to Make Brownies Tutorial!!!

In technology, we have been working on making our own tutorial since the beginning of March. My tutorial is “How to Make Brownies”.  To see the steps I did before making the tutorial (filming, editing etc.) look at this post →here. After we finished our tutorial, we did the Self & Peer Assesment Checklist and uploaded it on Youtube. This is the tutorial I made 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!

If you watched my tutorial, please do this survey:↓

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My tutorial connects to the following criterias:

  • Title
  • Distractions
  • Zoom
  • Pace
  • Finished Product
  • Music (Background Audio)

The criteria…

“Title”, connects because my title for the tutorial tells what it is about.

“Distractions”, connects because I thought there are no distracting background noise and also the background audio is not too loud.

“Zoom”, connects because the camera is zoomed in and it is focused.

“Pace”, connects because I thought I spoke in a good pace and it is not too fast and not too slow.

“Finished Product”, connects because I showed the brownie which is the finished product at the start.

“Background Audio”, connects because the music matches my tutorial and it is not too loud and not too quiet.


For extending my thinking, I watched three people’s tutorials who were in my grade.  The tutorials are Ayaka’s, Eileen’s, and Ayana’s. I learned a lot of things and got ideas. I learned that having subtitles makes it easy to understand and it will be more accurate. Also, using simple shapes will make it easier to draw because everyone is used to it than complex shapes. If the music is catchy and upbeat, the audience will be more interested. Also if the title is unique and interesting, it will catch more attention. I got the idea of using subtitles, and using catchy, upbeat and happy music.

I am still wondering how to do a Picture in Picture. I still find it challenging to choose the music that matches and also the filming.

In conclusion, I enjoyed and had fun making the tutorial and I want to make one again. I need to improve on filming, and editing. I should have put subtitles and made it easier to understand for the audience. This unit taught me what is a good tutorial and how we make a tutorial. For example, I learned that planning first will make it better and to plan, we could use storyboards.


Tutorial Plan Reflection

In Technology, we are working on making tutorials and we just finished planning. First, we chose our topic. I chose “How to make brownies”. I chose it because I love brownies and I made it before. Then, we did our storyboard. We drew what each clip was going to be like, and wrote the steps, length of the clip, script, titles, transitions, and Background Audio which was optional. I planned that the length of the tutorial is about 5 minutes. After we did the storyboard, we wrote our tutorial timeline plan. This is my storyboard:


I think it meets some of the criterias. One of the critera is Language. I think it is Language because the script is simple, clear and easy to understand. I made sure that I don’t say too much because it would be confusing. Also I think it meets the criteria Title because I think my title is simple and not confusing so that people would know what it is about. The other criteria is List of Materials. In the beginning, I am going to tell the materials that is needed to make brownines so that people who want to make it have to look at the tutorial to the end to get ready. This is my timeline plan:


To make my tutorial good, I think talking clearly in a good pace and loudly will help people understand my tutorial. Also, the camera needs to be steady and there shouldn’t be distractions like loud background noises and shaking the camera.

I think I learned most of the things to make the tutorial and I just need to practice a lot. I need to think of the volume of the background audio if it is not too loud. Also, I should think if the music matches the tutorial I am making. I need to see what angle I should take too.

In conclusion, I am very excited to make a tutorial about How to make brownies. It is my first time to make it and I think it is very interesting and fun. In the steps, I am most excited about filming. I don’t really make videos so I think it is my first time to make videos by myself. I am a little bit worried but I want to do my best and make a great tutorial.

Investigation Reflection

In Tech we are working on tutorials. First we watched some tutorial we wanted to watch on Youtube and filled in the doc called “Tutorial Research” which you can see it when you click on the image below↓ After that, I put my favorite tutorial video on a blog post and wrote what I liked and thought was good but also how it could improve. To go to that blog post Click here! After we finished the blog post, we commented on two people’s favorite tutorial blog post.   I commented on “Saya’s Blog” and “Satono’s Blog“.   





On Saya’s blog, I watched a tutorial on how to draw a Homer Simpson. I learned the steps to draw the Homer Simpson and you draw the ears below the eyeline. I thought it was good where he explained the steps a little by little using not complicated shapes and letters. To make it better, I thought he could have slow down a bit. It was easy to understand and it was not too long so I didn’t get bored. I learned that if you tell the steps simple like using simple shapes, it makes it easier to understand and do it better.

On Satono’s blog, I watched a tutorial on how to do a back handspring. It looked hard to do but it made me want to try doing it. I learned that we need to stretch our body for example doing bridges so that we won’t get hurt. Also, I learned the steps to do a back handspring. I thought it was good where the person told us we should do stretches and some examples of stretches because even they tell us to do stretches we won’t know what kind of stretch we should do. To make it better, I thought she could have told us tips sp that even beginners can do it.

During this unit, I learned what makes a good tutorial. For example, I learned that we need to tell simple steps and we should talk in a good pace. It would be helpful if we tell tips and what we need to do it. We should tell what equipment and materials we need at the beginning and also, we should show the thing we are going to make our explain so that the people who watches it will know what it will be like.

At last, we made our own practice tutorial in google presentation. I thought I needed to put more detail,  explain it from the very beginning and make it easy to understand because I think that if the people who didn’t know anything about iMovie, they will have a hard time. This is my presentation:

When I compared the tutorials (which is the tutorial I watched and the one I made) it is the same where we are explaining or telling how to things and saying it step by step. Also, there are words and some pictures in it too. There are titles and it saids what it is going to talk about. The differences between the tutorial and presentation are videos and presentations. There is voice in the tutorial but not in the presentation. In the tutorials, they explain it and also show it. In the tutorial, they say things that can catch people’s attention too. I need to learn how to take videos in a perfect angle. Also, if it takes too much time for showing all of it, I need to learn how to fast-forward it and also playing the video slowly for important parts. I need to learn the effects we can use to make tutorials.

My Favorite Tutorial

My topic for tutorials is cooking. I chose three different tutorials, and one was how to make chocolate chip cookies, how to make pizzas, and how to make pancakes. My favorite one was the chocolate chip cookie tutorial. Which is this one↓

This is my favorite one because first of all, I love to eat chocolate chip cookies and I never made it by myself. From this video, I learned that,

  • there is a way to use unsalted butter, granulated sugar, brown sugar, eggs, flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda, vanilla extract, and chocolate chips. 
  •  Ruth Graves Wakefield invented the chocolate chip cookie by mistake which turned out to be famous. 
  • we don’t have to make the shape like a cookie when we bake it. We just take one scoop with a spoon and bake it and it makes a cookie shape when it is done. 

I thought the tutorial was good because she, the person who’s in the tutorial,

  • explained the materials at the first and showed it. It is good because we will know what we need to make it from the start so that we don’t need to watch the video to the end and see what we need. Also, we won’t have to stop it many times.
  • told us what the video is about and what it will look like from the start. It is good because we will know what we are making and the target.
  • told us the tips. It is good because that way, we could prevent failures and mistakes.

Even though it is a good tutorial, I thought these things would have made it better:

  • talked more slowly because it was hard to understand and I had to stop several times and play it again.
  • said what we could use instead for some of the materials because if we couldn’t find the materials, we can use similar ones or other things instead.
  • showed us correctly because in this video. She said to put in 4 eggs at first but she only put in 2 eggs. That made us confused a little.


Create Reflection

After we did the Investigation and Designing and Planing, we created our Navigation Menu and our About me page. In the Navigation Menu, we put the class categories in to the Grade 6 Menu that is in School. In the About me page, I wrote about my family, what I like for example, tv shows. I also wrote about what I often do when I go on the computer.

I am happy with my blog design because it has the animal I like and expresses me. It makes me happy and I like it where it is colorful and the panda is listening to music. I came up with this design because I listen to music a lot and I thought it was interesting to have a panda putting on headphones and listening to music. I think the blog design is really cheerful too and cute. 

  Image Source

The thing that I am most proud of is my About me page. I thought I did a good job on it because I included many stuff about me and I thought it tells a lot. I included pictures I took/my friends took and the one that I really like a lot. I wrote my nationality, dream, family, language I can speak, favorite foods, foods I dislike, things I love to do, things I do when I am on the computer, and my favorite TV shows. I thought the readers will know more about me and maybe can find something in common, and I think it is really good.

 Image Source

Now, I think I am getting used to blogs and having a fun time. Also, I know what I can do in blogs so I can do many things. I am proud that I wrote my About me page as I said and wrote personal posts. I am happy with my background and my header image too because my background are pandas which is one of my favorite animal and the header image is the best photo I took in Field Studies even it is not related to music >:o      

Plan Reflection

For the last three weeks, we worked on our Blog Designs and Plan stage. We designed 3 blog themes and chose our best one that we liked. Before we did this, we did the blog investigation. Here is the link to see my post of the investigation. Click here!! After designing our theme, we wrote our goals and what we are going to do to achieve the goals in a doc called ‘How to Grow A Blog’.






On designing 3 blog themes, we had to make designs that we want our blog to look like. One I drew was cherryblossoms, second one was a bird and some stars. And the third one which I chose was about a panda listening to music. I chose this drawing(my theme) because I like pandas, and listening to music. Also it wasn’t too complicated and I thought it was colorful and represents me quite much. The background doesn’t have pictures that moves so it is not distracting too.


I think my next step is to get more viewers of my blog. I can tell my friends and relatives to check out my blog. I can look at popular blogs and learn why it is popular and get ideas. Also, I can comment on other people’s blog. I can post posts a lot including personal ones and put interesting post titles and events. I could also put pictures with my posts and make it more interesting to see. Maybe I can play around more in my blog and find out more about it.

In these projects, I liked designing my theme because there was no rules like themesubjects that are already chosen so I chose what I wanted my blog to look like. I was really happy with my work and I really feel that I want to design my blog NOW and make it similar to the drawing I drew. I want to be better at writing posts every week. There wasn’t really challenging parts but the designs took a lot of time. Now I have a goal to archieve so I hope I can achive it and make another goal. 🙂



Investigate Reflection

During these six weeks, we worked on three things. The first one we did was the blog research . The second one was the brainstorm. The third one was learning about word press. The one I liked the most was the brainstorm. It was fun thinking of what I want to write in my blog, and what I enjoy to do.

In the blog research, we looked at three or more blogs and found what made that blog good. We made at least two comments on what we liked for each blog. I liked the part where I saw good examples of blogs that I could learn about. For example, I learned what I should do to make a good blog. I also learned that there are many ways to get people’s attention. Some of the ways are using pictures that look interesting and clear to see, titles that make people want to read it, and themes that expresses yourself or match the blog . It helps me because I could improve my blog and notice what is different from mine and get ideas. I could use that idea to make my blog better. In the brainstorm, we brainstormed ideas about what we can write in our blogs, like our favorite things.

For example, I added ideas about my favorite sports, books, movies, countries, and tv shows. I also wrote about reflections of our fieldtrips, field studies, and important events that include food fair and sports day. It helps me beause when I get stuck about what I am going to write, I could see my brainstorms and get ideas. In learning about wordpress, we split into six groups and investigated about the topic we were in charge. We had to find out how to do things like adding categories.  Sometimes it was difficult but we managed to work it out by clicking on buttons that I thought I already knew but didn’t know at all. At the end, we got into bigger groups and told the group what we learned



The most important three criterias to me are organization, updates, and writing. I think organization is very important because if you add categories and make it organized, people can find what they want to read about quicker, make it easier for me to find my posts, and post my posts without getting them mixed up. I think updates are really important too because if you don’t update your blog, the readers would get bored and they will stop looking at your blog. If you update your blog a lot, the readers will come to the blog many times. Writing is one of the most important criteria to me because if you write mean things and unappropriate things, people won’t like your blog and maybe people will rate your blog badly or have a bad reputation. Also, people can say bad things about your blog to many people like using internet and talking. If that happens, many people will not read your blog.

I will check my blog everday and make sure it is updated every week, not mixed up, and contains no writing that will make people feel bad. I will look at the posts if they are in the right catergory, and look at the dates of my last posts, and read my writing many times.

I really learned a lot in six weeks and I feel proud of myself and is very happy. I was so excited when I got my first blog and posted my first post. I learned what I can do in blogs like adding posts, images, videos, categories, menus, widgets, change themes, change background, change profile, edit posts, save drafts, and a lot more.  It was hard at first to get used to change the settings and do things like sorting my posts into categories. I want to improve on writing posts and getting to know about my blog better. Next time, I want to post things that is not related to school.