iPad Trial

In the start of May, we got our own iPads for a trial. We got it for a month and gave it back in the end of May.


iPad at Web414

We got it to see if iPads are useful for the new education, and to experiment if iPads help students do their work.

During the trial, I found out, and thought:

  • a lot of apps that could be helpful
  • it needs a lot of responsibility
  • it can be disturbing but also helpful
  • we could use iPads for scripts in presentations and that helps a lot
  • it was fun having an iPad of our own
  • there were more choices when we did our work
  • some were easier to do on the iPad and some were easier on the computer
  • hard to balance the time on iPad
  • HaikuDeck is good and easy to use
  • some apps were easier to use in the computer

My Smart Goals

Guiding Questions:

1. How can I add to the YIS community?

2. How can I achieve academic success?


1. My goal is to help in charity like the One Yen Drive and also I want to attend in activities or events in school which are connected to charity. For example I would like to attend to the Movie Night because the money we pay will go to charity. Also, I will buy something at the bake sale because the money goes to charity too.


What- help charity

Why- I want to help other people who need money

Where- school

When- when there’s a charity event

How often – I’m not sure

Achievable- yes

Relevant- yes

2. My goal is to speak up by answering questions, giving ideas (contributing), and communicating with more people.

Who- me

What- speak up

Why- I want to get better at English and I should speak up more

Where- School

When- School Days

How often- All school days

Achievable- yes

Relevant- yes

Casino Game Activity

On Tuesday morning, we did an activity in the auditorium which the 8th grade prepared for 6th grade and 7th grade. First we got 15 tokens each and tried to get more using the tokens we got. There were quite a lot of games and it was fun šŸ™‚ I liked the game “Lucky Red” because the winning possibility was high. We also got pocky. The class that got most tokens got to get prizes and that was us, 7B!

The games I played was… I don’t really remember the name of the games I played but I just remember the game “Lucky Red” šŸ™‚

When I played the games, it was fun but also nervous of losing. When I got more tokens, I was happy and got excited and when I lost some tokens I was sad.

I don’t really know if I made profit or not because I didn’t count them but I think I didn’t make profit because at the first, I played games that were hard to win and I lost tokens.

I learned that I have to use my brain and think carefully when I play Casino Games. It was harder than I thought and the results depends on “luck”. I enjoyed it a lot and I want to try doing it again.

ā€œLiving and working and community creates opportunities and challengesā€

ā€œLiving and working and community creates opportunities and challengesā€ ā†This is our significant concept.

This concept relates to field studies because in field studies, we worked as a group and faced challenging things. We solved problems together and asked for help if we needed. Everyone made the opportunity to make it field studies awesome.

For example, when we made soba we were able to make a really good soba even though it was our first time to make it and that is because the group worked as a team and worked nicely. We took turns fairly and didn’t argue. We had a fun time with our groups making and eating soba.

Another example is when we did the community service. We all worked as a group to paint the big walls which was quite challenging but all of us did it properly and respected others so there were no arguments and we did a good job. We all didn’t fool around so that was good as well.

pics from hereĀ 

Reflection about Field Studies in 6th Grade

In 6th grade (last year) we went to Hakuba in Nagano for Field Studies. Click here if you want to look at the Field Studies posts:) So in the Field Studies, we did a lot of things and lots were going on.

What did I enjoy? I enjoyed the mountain biking, and the skits the most. For the skits, we made a skit that had to include the word “sky” in it, in our groups. If you want to watch the skit and learn more about what we did(skit), click here! For the mountain biking, we went to the mountains and it was so fun but very tiring. I really enjoyed the breeze.

What did I do well? I think I did well on talking to other people who I usually don’t really talk to. I was able to know more and get closer to other people so I think that was good.

What challenges did I face? The activity I challenged was mountain biking. It was my first time to do it and actually I was a bit scared at first but I got used to it and it was fun.

How did I grow? I think I got stronger and more responsible because in Field studies my parents weren’t there and that was my first time to go somewhere and stay for more than 3 days without my parents. Also, I needed to organize my stuff so that made me more responsible.

What will I do differently this year? I will talk to more people who I never talked to or don’t really talk to and challenge myself in more of the activities.

Why is field studies an important part of our schooling? I think it’s important because students could get to know others more, learn things, and have fun. Also, it would be a good chance for new students to get closer with others.