Getting Out of My Comfort Zone – Reflecting on Field Studies

Few weeks ago, we went to Minakami, Gunma for field studies. It took us about 4 hours to get there. We stayed at a place called ‘Canyons’ for 4 nights, from Monday to Friday, and did many outdoor activities such as rafting, canyoning, canoeing, geocaching, rock climbing, mountain biking, and team-building games. I enjoyed all these activities, and I especially liked canyoning and rafting.

I got out of my comfort zone by taking a risk and challenging myself with new things. When we did canyoning, I was not comfortable doing it because it was my first time and the waterfalls were higher than I thought. But I challenged myself and went down the waterfall and it turned out to be really fun. I think my friends helped me face these challenges because it was reassuring being with them. I thought I could apply what I have learnt here when I do new activities at school, or outside of school and not be afraid to challenge myself with new things. Even though I find something challenging or don’t want to do something, I thought I should at least try it once because it might be fun.


Presenting in front of a big crowd, and making a skit with people I usually don’t talk with was one of the ways to get out of my comfort zone too. I got to interact with people who I don’t really know, and got to know them better. Each group presented a skit about our themes, and the theme for our group was ‘getting out of our comfort zone’. Thinking positively helped me face these challenges.


I also got out of my comfort zone by not staying at my house and parents. I am used to staying at my house with my parents, so I spent a different but fun time with my friends. I think I got to know my friends better.



Field studies was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot. I got to do new things such as canyoning and rafting, and it was a great experience. I learnt that I should try new things that I’m not comfortable with because it might be fun, and I might enjoy it. It also could be a good experience too.

My Smart Goals

These are my goals for this year 🙂

Goal 1: My goal is to read 2 books until the end of October.

I am currently reading a book called “The Fault in Our Stars” so I want to finish that book and also read another one because I don’t think I read enough books. I think that will help me with my vocabulary, grammar, and also with my writing skills. I also think it will give me ideas whenever I write stories in English class.

Goal 2: My goal is to be able to do an over-hand serve in volleyball.

To make that happen, I will work on my abdominal muscles because I heard that it will help me when I do an over-hand serve. I will also challenge myself during practices and try doing over-hand serves instead of just working on my under-hand serve.

Choose your literature.

20061209 Volley.. ball

Also, we took a multiple intelligence quiz during tutor. link here-

My top 3 intelligences were:

1. Body Movement

2. Nature

3. Musical

I agree with body movement, because I love to play sports and move my body. I don’t really agree with Nature because I don’t really know about it and I don’t go to places like mountains and forests. But I love animals so I think that is why it was my second intelligence. For Musical, I kind of agree because I like singing but I don’t compose music.