Learner Profile Example

When I was in math class, I was Caring because I helped my friends solve problems. I was working on my math problems and then my friend asked me how to do it. I helped her with her questions and solved the problem together. Also, my friend asked me what the question meant so I told her what it meant and what she needs to do.


Looking Forward to Field Studies

Next week, we are going to Hakuba that is in Nagano. We are going to stay there from October 15th to October 20th. I am very excited, looking forward, and interested about many things in Field Studies. I am very excited to go on the hot air balloon because it is my first time and I can ride on it with my friends. It looks fun and I really want to try riding on that. Also, I am excited about canoeing. I did canoeing before so I am a little confident and really excited. I am also interested in rock climbing. I am not really good at it but I want to try going as high as I can. I hope I can go to the top. The thing I am a little worried is about camping outside because I don’t have much experience of it and it is my first time to camp without my parents. I wonder how it is like in the night and if I can sleep.


This is the hotel we are going to stay at.


Wordle: Adjectives describes me


This is a wordle about the adjectives that describe me. I think I am a hard-worker, athletic, and kind.

Hard-Worker- I concentrate on my work and try to make it better.

Athletic- I like to do sports like volleyball, running, swimming, bowling, and ice-skating.

Kind- My friends tell me I am kind. I help my friends when they have trouble with something.




This is a wordle about me. I am from Japan and Taiwan and I was born in Hawaii. I really like to do sports like Ice Skating, Running, Skiing, and especially volleyball.