Grade 8 Portfolio

My goals:

1. My first goal is to finish my homework before the day before the due date, so that I won’t have to rush and sleep very late. I will do this by setting a reminder, few days before the due date.

2. My second goal is to improve on my communication skills. I will do this by participating in class discussions and talking to my peers more often.

3. My third goal is to use reliable sources all the time. This will help me get accurate information, which will be useful in researches, and projects. I will try not to use sources such as Wikipedia, and

Individuals & Societies

In Individuals & Societies, we created our own advertisement in the Globalization unit. First we chose a cultural item and then chose another country to promote the item to. I chose Adzuki beans, and chose to promote it to France. We then adapted the item to match the people in the promoting country. I chose to advertise Adzuki macarons. I transferred my knowledge of photoshop from Design class. For example in Design, I learned how to add effects, how to crop, and how to add text so I used these skills for my advertisement for Individuals & Societies.

design ad copy


In English, we also made an advertisement in Unit 2 which was Poetry. First, we learned about pathos techniques and then got into groups. Each group got a topic and our topic was ‘Climate Change’. Half of our group wrote a poem, and the other half made an ad. I transferred my knowledge of photoshop from Design class to make my advertisement. This is the ad I made:

english ad

Japanese Music

In Japanese Music, we worked on several pieces during this semester. One of them was ‘Yume No Wa (夢の輪)’ by Sawai Hikaru.  We worked as a team and collaborated with each other by listening to each other and sharing ideas on how we can make it better. This helped us play well with confidence at the concert. Here is one of the recordings from my practice log for ‘Yume No Wa’. I found this section most challenging.


In Spanish, we are currently working on our ‘Las Artesanias’ presentation. We have to make an oral presentation about a country/city which we chose. I chose Madrid, and explained about the climate, its natural resources, animals and flowers, indigenous communities, traditions and festivals, and the handicrafts of the city/country. I demonstrated the information literacy skill by using reliable sources. I did not use Wikipedia nor

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 12.10.47 AM


In Japanese, we learned and discussed about war. I remember how I was shocked when we read the textbooks, and watched TV programs about it. After that, we made a 3 minute speech about war. We chose our topic that relates to war, and my topic was ‘What we can do for a peaceful world’. I was organized by handing in the assessment before the due date, and using time effectively in class.


In Science, we did our ‘Stopping Distance’ experiment in pairs. I communicated with my partner, Noah, when we wrote our science report and did the experiment. However, I think I should improve on my communication skills which I mentioned earlier in this post. (Goals) I will do this by participating in discussions and talking to people who I usually don’t talk to, more consistently.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 12.11.52 AM


Whenever we have class discussions in math, I often choose to listen to people all the time and not share ideas. As I said earlier, I think I should improve on my communication skills because just like I get ideas from people, people might get some ideas from me as well. This will help me interact with different people too.


In Drama, I reflected on assessments by writing a reflection. One of them is the Partner Scene reflection. The reflections helped me find my strength and weaknesses/improvements I could make, which can help me do a better job next time. For example, one of my improvements was ‘staying in character’ so next time, I could be careful and focus on staying in character.

Physical Education

In PE, we learned about doubles in badminton. I communicated with my partner, Moe, when I played doubles in badminton by sharing our ideas and strategies to work better as a team, and coached each other to improve our skills. For example, we gave each other advices on how to serve well, and accurately.


In Art, we are currently designing our stereotype characters. Each of us chose a stereotype, and designed a character that clearly shows the stereotype by emphasizing parts, such as eyes and mouth. I transferred my knowledge of stereotypes from Drama. I knew stereotype is a general idea that people have about what someone or something is like, so this helped me during this project.

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