Grade 7 Portfolio


In Humanities, we made a renaissance structure in Minecraft. My group chose the Leaning tower of Pisa. We were a risk-taker by choosing the structure because it was difficult and complicated, especially where the building is round. I included this because I had fun doing this. From this piece I learned about the Leaning Tower of Pisa like who/why it was built. I think my next step is to build other harder structures on Minecraft. It inspired me to challenge on new things even though I know it was going to be challenging.



In Art,  we worked on our water-color painting. I was a thinker because I thought how I can make the artwork look realistic and how I can use the techniques to make texture. I included this because I thought I did a good job on it and I liked my artwork. From this piece I learned what techniques I could use in artworks and how to do them. I think my next step is to learn more techniques/texture and add them. It inspired me to work on my art more.


In PE, we are working on Just Dance. I was a thinker when I thought how I can do the moves like the man in the video and look good. Also, I thought how I can use space and level when we had to make our own moves.


I was open-minded when we were working on Kakiyamabushi in Japanese. I shared my ideas with my friends and talked what I can do to make the work better. 

Japanese Music(Koto)

In Koto, we worked on the pieces Akatombo, Yurikago no Uta, and Yuuhi. I want to improve on reflective so that I could understand what I should improve on to make it better and what I can do to improve. 


In Math, I was caring when we were working on our textbooks. My friends needed help on some of the problems,  and I helped them.


In English, we worked on our Grace’s story. I was Caring by telling my friend  how to spell some words when they didn’t how to spell them. 


In Spanish, when we were working on our tests on describing people, I thought how I can describe the person well using the words I learned.


In Drama, I want to improve on Risk-taker because I don’t choose characters who have a lot to say and be shy. I want to take a risk and talk more in skits/scenes.


In Technology, we made our digital story. I was reflective by reflecting what I did good and what I could improve on to make it better. I thought I did quite good on it but I have a lot of things that I can improve on.


In Science we did a presentation on rock separation. We worked in groups and my group was Ayaka, Sayaka, Ayano and I. I want to improve on risk-taker because I couldn’t really speak out loud and be confident.


My Goals

  1. My goal is to participate in discussions more like sharing ideas and speak up.
  2. My goal is to finish my homework before the day before the due date.
  3. My goal is to talk to people more who I usually don’t talk to.



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